The extradition of Johann Steynberg to Brazil has now been updated. 

Whoops! Steynberg is fighting the inevitable. 

Yes! Prepare some extra popcorn. 

South Africa and Brazil haven’t commented on Steynberg’s January arrest. 

MyBroadband’s Jan Vermuelen quotes a Monday court order: 

South Africa sought Brazil’s extradition to extradite Johann Steynberg for financial offences. 

Unlicensed finance 

Unlicensed derivatives trade 

Unlicensed stock trading 



The Brazilian court judgment clarified that South Africa acquired an Interpol Red Diffusion (A–488/1–2022) on Steynberg, identifying him. 

Mirror Trading International Ponzi crashed in October 2020, and Steynberg fled South Africa. 

After Steynberg’s arrest, we learnt he had a Brazilian mistress in 2021. 

I assumed Steynberg was horny. It was likely extradition insurance. 

Steynberg said he wasn’t a flight risk because he had “established a family in Brazil.” 

Vermeulen notes Steynberg’s plan 

resembles that of Ronald Biggs. 

The UK didn’t extradite Biggs in 1974 because his girlfriend was pregnant. 

Steynberg leaves behind a wife and son. 

Nerina Steynberg may be against Johann “creating a family in Brazil.” 

Steynberg left his wife and child to go on the run, which is why he’s in Brazil. 

“Your Honor, I won’t repeat that.” God, I have a family! I understand. 

Send me back. I’m awful. 

Is Nerina available? She’s furious. “Worse than when Clynton hid Cheri’s Lindt. ” 

Steynberg’s final argument was that he wasn’t extraditable because he ran a $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme. 

Thankfully, Steynberg’s judge had more wisdom than his pregnant mistress. 

Steynberg’s appeal to be released from precautionary custody was denied by Brazilian Supreme Court Justice André Mendonça. 

Mendonça concluded that settling in Brazil and raising a family no longer protects Steynberg from precautionary arrest or extradition. 

Mendonça said South Africa’s embassy was notified of the detention on February 18 and formally requested extradition on April 14. 

Steynberg can be detained for 60 days, but extensions are “precedent.” 

Steynberg’s “waiting extradition hearing” remains unknown. 

I hope you enjoyed the positive MTI news. Now back to South Africa’s time-wasting liquidation proceedings. 

The liquidators are suing Clynton and Cheri Marks in a long-running case. 

What’s the plan after Steynberg’s extradition? 

He’s charged in South Africa. What happens if Steynberg is found guilty in 2030 or 2040? 

The Marks will live off the money they stole from Mirror Trading International investors until 2050 or 2060. 

Why can’t Clynton and Cheri Marks be charged? 

Unlicensed finance 

Unlicensed derivatives trade 

Unlicensed stock trading 

Money laundering and fraud? 

Steynberg and the Marks are guilty. MTI was a revival of BTC Global Ponzi.

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