The GP Football Ponzi scheme has been exposed as a fraud.   

GP Football used the internet domain “”.   

On January 8th, 2022, GP686 was privately registered through a Chinese registrar.   

When trying to access the GP Football website, you’ll get access denied or tunneling issues (i.e. the scammers behind it pulled the plug).   

GP Football was a Nigerian-targeted “click a button” app Ponzi scheme.   

The GP Football minimum investment was in Nigerian Naira (NGN) and tether, a cryptocurrency (USDT).    The funds invested appear to be 3000 NGN or 100 USDT.   

In the hope of achieving advertised returns, GP Football affiliates invested in NGN or USDT.   

GP Football has the greatest daily ROI I’ve seen at 8.84 percent.   

For affiliate investor recruiting, the MLM side of GP Football was compensated:  8% of the population (personally recruited affiliates) 5% of the total (level 2) and 3% (level 3) The “click a button” Ponzi scheme used by GP Football involved betting on football matches.   

The only way to get a return was to make a fresh investment.   

In or around April 2022, GP Football was released. Within a few weeks, new investment dried up, leading to the demise of GP Football.   

GP Football is one of a slew of “click a button” app Ponzis that have popped up in recent months.   

We have so far documented  COTP — a scheme in which affiliates pretended to press a button in order to induce trade activity that failed in May 2022.   

EthTRX is a Ponzi based on an app, but without the daily task component.

Yun Klik-pretends that pressing a button initiates trade activity, focusing on Indonesia.   

KKBT-purported to earn crypto mining revenue by hitting a button, targeting South Africa and India, and crashed in early June 2022.   

EasyTask 888 misrepresented that pressing a button was tied to social media manipulation (YouTube likes), with a focus on South Africa and India, and was shut down in early June 2022.   


DF Finance claimed to click a button to produce “buy data” that was sold to ecommerce platforms, but the company went bankrupt in June 2022.   

It was claimed that clicking a button was tied to social media manipulation (for example, YouTube likes); collapsed pretended that hitting a button was linked to betting on football match outcomes; and collapsed. After claiming that pressing a button was tied to betting on the outcome of a football match, he fell unconscious.   

Claimed to gamble on the outcome of a football match by clicking a button, and then collapsed.     

365Ball-makes it appear as if pressing a button will result in a wager on the outcome of a football match (which has already collapsed multiple times).   

YLCH Football gives the impression that pressing a button will result in a wager on the outcome of a football match.   

Parkour makes it appear as if pressing a button is linked to social media manipulation (YouTube likes, etc.).   

OTCAI went bankrupt after claiming that affiliates’ hitting a button produced trading activity. May 2022 N9 Football-affiliates pretended to be betting on football match outcomes by clicking a button (collapsed May 2022).   

Tron.BI makes affiliates believe that clicking a button is linked to TRX cloud mining.   

EFG Football claimed affiliates were betting on football match results by clicking a button (defunct as of May 2022).  There are a lot more of these scams out there that I haven’t covered yet.   

The same group of con artists appears to be behind all of the recent app-based task Ponzi schemes.  Based on the use of simplified Chinese, I believe the group is based in China or Singapore.

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