The Aufin Ponzi scheme has crashed just days after appearing on our website.   

The fall of Aufin follows an announcement of an Aufin Coin exit fraud and an email requesting investors for more funds.   

Aufin was only reviewed by us a few days ago, on June 3. The Ponzi scheme was introduced in May. Affiliates can still access Aufin’s website and login at the time of publication.   

However, following a maintenance notification, withdrawals have been and continue to be prohibited.    Shortly after suspending withdrawals, Aufin’s administrators sent an email to investors pleading for more capital.   

Just prior to Aufin’s maintenance exit fraud, the company announced the Aufin Token/Coin (enlarge image):   

The current state of Aufin opens itself to a variety of future possibilities.   

The simplest situation is that Aufin’s website goes offline, and nothing else happens. I apologize for your loss, etc. Alternatively,  Aufin creates Aufin Coin, launches it, and then conducts a shitcoin exit fraud. 

Thus, withdrawals are converted to Aufin Coin, and affiliates are urged to invest in it due to the moon.    Aufin Coin is dumped on shady public exchanges, the administration cashes out, Aufin Coin dumps, and we are sorry for your loss.   

There may have been a hitch when Aufin Coin was added to the backend, causing the maintenance delay. Or perhaps the level of recruitment was insufficient to make the shitcoin exit fraud worthwhile.   

Using the same back-end wallets, Aufin is reportedly connected to Metafi Yielders, which is an additional factor to consider. I have not personally confirmed this myself.   

Recently, Metafi Yielders also crashed. This may contribute to Aufin abandoning its planned shitcoin exit fraud.   

As of June 2022, Aufin reported that more than $15 million had been invested by more than 17,000 affiliate investors. Keep in mind that these are internally provided data points, so take them with a grain of salt. 

Until further notice, we will keep you informed.

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