Cash Building System Unlimited’s website makes no mention of who owns the company or who the company’s top executives are. However, there are a few hints. J.D. Marketing appears on the website and in promotional materials.

Incorporated in Ohio, J.D. Marketing is a business. Jay Dagen owns the business. The only other information I could find on Dagen was that J.D. Marketing has been involved in similar-looking businesses to Cash Building System Unlimited over the years.

Remember to think twice before joining or transferring any funds to an MLM that isn’t completely transparent about who runs or owns it.

The Products of Cash Building System Unlimited:

There are no products or services that can be sold through Cash Building System Unlimited. Members of the Cash Building System Unlimited affiliate program can only promote their own Cash Building System Unlimited membership.

Compensation Plan for Cash Building Systems Unlimited:

In order to participate in the nine-tier pyramid scheme of Cash Building System Unlimited, affiliates must pay a fee. Affiliates are paid commissions for bringing in new members who do the same. In the Cash Building System, recruiters are rewarded for each additional level they bring on board. 

In Tier 1, you’ll spend $50 and get $25 for every affiliate you personally bring on board.   

Pay $100 and get $70 on level 1 (personally recruited affiliates) and $20 on level 2 (advertisers).   

You spend $500 and get $350 at level 1 and $100 more at level 2, for a total of $700.   

Tier 4 – pay $1000 and earn $700 on level one and $200 on level two, totaling $700.  

There are five tiers in this program. The first two are free; the third and fourth are both worth $1,500.   

At level one, you’ll earn $2500, and at level two, you’ll earn $400.   

Earn $1750 on level 1 and $500 on level 2 for a $2500 investment.   

Paid $3500 and earned $2450 on the first level and $700 on the second.   

Tier 9-Pay $5,000 and earn $3,500 on level one and $1,000 on level two for a total investment of $5,000. 

The affiliate who brought in the new recruit gets $200 for each tier level they rise to. Unlimited affiliates must invest in a tier in order to earn commissions on that tier and the lower levels of the Cash Building System.

Those commissions are given upline to the first qualified affiliate, if a Cash Building System Unlimited affiliate purchases a tier that the person who recruited them has not purchased.

Become a Member of the Cash Building System Without Limitation Affiliate membership in the Cash Building System Unlimited costs $50. Cash Building System Unlimited requires a minimum investment of $16,150 to be considered fully enrolled.

There is a one-time fee of $5050 for gaining access to all commission levels.

A simple pyramid scheme, Cash Building System Unlimited, is exactly what it sounds like. Enrollment in the program is free, but a fee is charged (which goes to the person who brought you on board).

According to the FTC Act, this business strategy is illegal in and of itself. Adding insult to injury, the promoters of Cash Building System Unlimited and their affiliates are engaged in mail fraud. Sending unsolicited postcards is how Cash Building System Unlimited gets its name and credibility as a scam.

When you sign up, you get a lot of them. Sending out postcards in the hopes of enlisting the help of others is the point of this exercise (addresses of leads of unknown origin are provided with membership fees).

They’re based in Ohio in the United States. Mail fraud, the practice of running a pyramid scheme using the US postal system, is a crime in the United States.

Pyramid schemes are almost always a scam, regardless of whether they are legal or not. To observe this in action, look no further than Dagen’s previous pyramid schemes:

“” is currently hosted at this location:

Additionally, pyramid schemes primarily profit their proprietors. To do this, Dagen’s admin account position(s) at the top of the organization are used in the Cash Building System Unlimited.

In addition, Dagen gets a 10% cut of every dollar that is deposited. In order for Dagen and top CBSU recruiters to steal money, the bulk of affiliates joining up must lose it.

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