The Central Bank of Russia has sent a pyramid scheme to the Metafi Yielders.   

The Metafi Yielders have “signs of a financial pyramid,” the CBR said in a warning on June 2.   

Metafi Yielders came out in April 2022 or around that time. When the time came for investments of $2,501 or more to end, new $10,000 plans were created to keep the money in the system.   

A little more than a week later, Metafi Yielders put limits on how much people could withdraw. After a week, the Ponzi scheme fell apart for good.   

The warning from the CBR is especially important because Metafi Yielders is thought to be run by Russians.   

The front person for Metafi Yielders is an actor named Michel Daher, who is said to be an Australian citizen who lives in Perth.   

Daher runs Metafi Yielders as “Michael Daher”. Most Boris CEO Ponzi schemes are made by people from Russia or Ukraine.   

From what I know, Daher was supposed to hold a webinar on Wednesday for investors.   

Daher missed the webinar without giving a reason. No one has talked to each other since.   

The official Metafi Yielders Telegram was taken down earlier this week. The official Facebook group for the company is no longer searchable by the public. 

Everything points to the fact that Daher has gone into hiding.

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