The arrest of EvoRich owner Andrey Khovratov has been captured on video. The tape, which was released by Russian officials without a date, appears to show Khovratov’s arrest last month.

Khovratov had attempted to depart Russia with the help of one or more accomplices who were there at the time. In the airport parking lot where he was apprehended, Khovratov was briefly questioned:

Authorities then questioned him in a police station that appeared to be local. I’m not sure what Khovratov is saying because the video’s auto-translate isn’t working very well. He doesn’t sound really upbeat, though.

Following Khovratov’s detention, Vklader claimed that EvoRich contacted them in late January:

EvoRich was placed on an internal fraud blacklist, which EvoRich objected to. Because the Central Bank of Russia had not issued a fraud warning against it, EvoRich claimed it wasn’t a Ponzi scheme.

EvoRich also appears to be registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the United States.

This is “simply a falsehood,” as Vklader points out. “Since approximately mid-2021, the CBR has grown more aggressive in issuing MLM-related fraud alerts. Nonetheless, EvoRich was correct in pointing out that the scheme had not received a notice. Perhaps issuing a public warning might have warned Khovratov off if Russian officials were investigating and preparing a case. Following Khovratov’s arrest and the near-collapse of EvoRich, investors are flocking to Bob Ultee’s Bobcoin scheme. Ultee is/was an investor in the EvoRich Ponzi scheme.”

This development was first observed by us on May 6th, and Ultee was quick to respond. Despite proof that EvoRich investors were marketed on Bobcoin as a mechanism to keep the fraud alive, and that Ultee’s “STO-CAP” platform maintained EvoRich downlines and invested token balances intact, Ultee denies he’s in charge.   

“We fulfilled a customer’s request to divide [sic] his tokens among his members.   

WCRU cannot be exchanged for Bobcoins. They must decide on the number (percentage) of Bobcoins they will receive from Andrej Khoravratov’s wallet (which he paid for). As a result, larger investors receive more coins, which makes sense.”   

Appendix A:   

Exhibit B:

Ultee makes no mention of this evidence. Instead, he keeps repeating clearly bogus denials, so I took a step back from the dialogue.   

We would be pleased to accompany you to any court and provide all of the facts. Let’s all go to the courthouse together. Please provide your information so that we can file a complaint against you. There is nothing on your webpage.   

Aside from the exhibits mentioned above, there are numerous videos on the internet that link Bobcoin to EvoRich and common sense.  

While he looks content to profit from the EvoRich Ponzi scheme’s continuation through Bobcoin, Ultee refuses to admit it for whatever reason.   

On May 17, 2022, the following information was updated: Bob Ultee’s orange Lamborghini Gallardo has been totaled. Despite the fact that the car was totaled, Ultee claims it was just a normal collision… the impact was so mild that the airbags didn’t even deploy. It was only a kiss, after all.   

Ultee was allegedly speeding, according to witnesses. This is something he denies. Aside from that, the fall may show how profitable Ultee’s investment in EvoRich and the launch of BobCoin has been.

According to Quote, Ultee recently declared that, thanks in part to his crypto adventure, he can compete with Quote 500 members like Michel Perridon (who has a net worth of €350 million), according to Quote.   

According to reports of Ultee’s fall, he mostly resides in Dubai, the world’s MLM fraud capital.

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