Full Velocity was advertised as a trading bot that “thrived in tumultuous markets.” That stayed true until a truly tumultuous market appeared. The Full Velocity trading bot plan of James Ward has now failed. Ward took the stage in front of Full Velocity affiliates for the first time on May 9th. It has been two days since the terra-collapse began.   

“With this market, we’re in an unusual situation right now.   

We’ve seen a lot of good things and a lot of horrible things since February of 2021. We’ve seen ups and downs, as well as sideways markets, and our bot has performed admirably.   

What makes things unique for the market right now is that we are in the midst of a 45-day downturn.    What occurs when you utilize a hedge strategy, and that’s exactly what we do, is that you play the market’s ups and downs.   

The issue now is that there have been no benefits.   

Full Velocity’s bot had a usage rate of 62.5 percent, which was cause for alarm.

Ward opened up for Q & A after reasoning away concerns about “the market,” but he wasn’t eager to offer any practical assistance.   

If you ask me a question about what you should do or what I believe you should do, please don’t ask since I can’t give you advice on that.   

The goal seems to be to hope for an increase in the numbers and then continue from there. The number did not increase over the next 24 hours, and Ward’s bot continued to fail. On May 10th, he released a video apologizing for his loss (note that Ward’s webinar recordings were uploaded to YouTube with a 24-hour delay).   

If you looked at our accounts yesterday, you’d have noticed that the usage rate was approaching 80%.   The bot couldn’t navigate rapidly enough to sell positions to get the utilization rate back to where it needed to be after all of this (the Luna collapse). As a result, there was a liquidation.   

Despite the fact that (the bot) had performed admirably for the previous, what, over a year, we ran into a situation that it couldn’t handle.   

It couldn’t possibly be worse than what occurred to us. It was a lot worse than what we went through.    Full Velocity’s Ward goes on to say that the collapse has shut him off from Full Velocity’s Telegram groups. Ward’s Full Velocity YouTube videos have likewise been blocked from receiving comments. Unlike Ward’s May 10th video, he invites Full Velocity affiliates to participate in a Q & A session. “How is it possible that we lost over 90% when there wasn’t even 90% trading?” one inquired.   

“The utilization rate is how much of your funds are actually functioning in the market,” Ward explained.    But keep in mind that if you had looked at your available balance at any point yesterday, it would have been very low. It eventually reached one percent.   

When you trade in the futures market, a portion of your money is allocated to covering the margin.   

If you don’t have enough money to cover it, you’ll be forced to make a margin call or liquidate your position.   

In the crypto market, they’re effectively the same thing. That’s precisely what you witnessed with that.   

Ward appears to believe that a new Full Velocity bot will remedy matters, despite creating massive losses with misleading “volatile market” marketing claims.   

You may recall that we mentioned, I believe three weeks ago, that we would be releasing a fresh new bot in the middle of May.   

“This is still going on. We’ll be there on the 16th of May with our new bot.   

We’re making progress. We have a fantastic system in place. We have incredible technology that actually works.   

We’re approaching the end of May. Ward hasn’t given any further public updates since the May 11th video. There is no sign that a new bot has been launched on Full Velocity’s website. Unlike the several crypto Ponzi schemes Ward has created in recent years, Full Velocity allows anyone to sign up for free and use the bot. Ward received 30% of the profit created, effectively enticing others to invest at no risk and utilizing Full Velocity’s bot at no risk to himself. Ward received 30% of the ROI if the bot was successful. Ward keeps all of the fees collected if the bot generates losses.”   

It’s horrible from a human standpoint. It’s almost as though seeing this is torturous, because I know it will cause harm to some families. And I despise it.   

And some of you referred to people who were close to you, which is frustrating since you regarded this as a safe refuge for them.   

And I still believe that to be true. I realize that sounds insane, but as I previously stated, our vision has not altered. As a corporation, we are continuing in the same direction.   

Although it is not a Ponzi scheme, the result is the same: James Ward is the only person who gained money in Full Velocity outside of the MLM opportunity (which Ward sits on top of).

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