DF Finance’s website lacks ownership and executive info.   

DF Finance’s website has a registration/login form as I write this.

In this review, Ronae Jull narrates a DF Finance marketing film.   

Jull was “Hope Hill,” HyperFund’s Compliance Officer, last year.   

Ponzi schemes don’t need Compliance Officers, but HyperFund used that as part of their promotion.   

Jull has been quiet since HyperFund became Hyperverse.  A reader said Jull quit Hyperverse on May 1. My DF Finance marketing video was shot a week ago.  Jull’s role with DF Finance is unclear.   

“dfkxk.com” was privately registered on March 2, 2022.   

DF Finance fraudulently claims it’s “been in operation for more than five years.”   

DF Finance’s claims of longevity are false. However, the company has many domains.   

DF Finance seems to switch domains periodically. “DF” formats domains (a random three-letter string; dfaaa.com, dfxyc.com, dfaac.abc, etc.).   

The three-letter strings utilized appear to be arbitrary and are not DF Finance domains.   

I suspect regulators and authorities are being evaded.   

If an MLM company isn’t transparent about who runs it, think twice before joining or giving money.   

DF Products:   

DF Finance doesn’t sell anything.   

DF Finance affiliates can only market membership.   

DF Finance’s Payplan:   

DF Finance invests in tether (USDT) for a daily return. 

$255 invested yields $12/day.   

VIP3: $600 investment, $30 per day.   

VIP4: $1,525 for $76 a day.   

VIP5—invest $3050 and earn $152 every day.   

$7050 yields $354 per day.   

VIP7: $15,250 for $747 a day.   

VIP8: $42,500 for $1,700 a day.   

VIP9: Invest $87,500 and earn $3,498 per day. High-level investments require “special permission.”   

DF Finance associates must execute daily “tasks” for returns. 

The more DF Finance affiliates invest, the more daily tasks they have. VIP9 investors can have 200 missions. 

No ROI cap was shown. DF Finance tells investors their “investment will be reimbursed to the bound USDT address within 6 months.”   

Each investment yields rewards for up to 6 months.   

DF Finance Team affiliates’ returns earn commissions.   

DF has a three-tiered marketing campaign to recruit agents.   

DF Finance pays commissions at three recruitment levels.   

We lack details.   

DF Finance membership is free.   

A minimum $255 tether investment is required for this income opportunity (USDT).   

Every six months, reinvestment seems necessary.   

DF Finance fakes ties with established brands in their marketing.   

DF offers retail SaaS.   

The company’s platform offers small-to-large businesses online store construction, SEO, hosting, marketing, and security. “We help DF users and merchants buy data daily. Amazon, eBay, and BestBuy recognize DF Finance.  all nonsense. DF Finance has no partnerships with Amazon, eBay, or BestBuy.” 

The marketing ruse generates orders for these companies. It charges a fee to Amazon, eBay, and BestBuy, which it then distributes to investors.  

“Orders” are generated when investors click a button in their DF Finance app.   

Ronae Jull says producing 50 orders (clicking 50 times) takes “approximately 10 minutes.”   

Say you started VIP3 today. It’s $600 USDT. You do 50 chores a day, which takes 10 minutes. Each work pays $0.60. You earn $30 every day, so your monthly compensation is $900.   

Why must affiliates contribute to participate in DF Finance’s scheme? Merchant fees and fund returns?    DF Finance’s passive investment opportunity is a securities offering.   

DF Finance hasn’t registered its securities offering with regulators. It’s committing securities fraud and functioning illegally.   

Ronae Jull isn’t SEC-registered. Securities fraud includes promoting unregistered securities.   

New investment is DF Finance’s only proven revenue source. DF Finance runs an app-based Ponzi scheme.   

Once affiliate recruitment dries up, so will fresh investment.   

DF Finance will eventually fail without ROI revenue.   

Ponzi schemes’ math guarantees that most participants will lose money when they collapse.   

Last modified on May 29, 2022 Felon Ronae Jull.  In 1998, Jull was charged with fraud for conducting a Ponzi scheme.

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