Meta Bounty Hunters, a dubious MLM crypto scheme, launched this year. Meta Bounty Hunters’ “team” was revealed post-launch. Holton Buggs, owner of iBuumerang, promoted MBH to affiliates. Travis Bott disclosed an NFT Ponzi factory through Meta Lab Agency. Let’s catch you up on Meta Labs Agency. 

Meta Bounty Hunters was reviewed on 1/27. Meta Bounty Hunters and iBuumerang have links.   

On February 26, Meta Bounty Hunters launched.  

We confirmed Holton Buggs and Travis Botts’ Meta Bounty Hunters ties on Feb. 27.   

Meta Bounty Hunters sold Star Wars fake NFTs for $2,000 each.   

The core scam included a pyramid-style MLM offer. Bounty Hunters become a Ponzi scheme with “weekly reflection payouts.” Meta Bounty Hunters made $17.5 million, says Travis Bott. a rapid profit for him, Buggs, and other executives. The Meta Bounty Hunters NFT collection is traded on Open Sea, possibly between insiders raising the floor price (2.29 ETH or $4028).

Things look dismal outside the NFT bubble. The WSJ reported last month that NFT trade was 92% lower than in September. Meta Bounty Hunters MLM: Sell cartoon tokens to dunces to make money. Travis Bott started Meta Labs Agency in March.

According to a May 22 press release, Meta Labs Agency includes in-house creatives, designers, and artists with web 3 experience.   

They’ll guarantee your NFT launch matches your brand’s image, voice, and personality. 

Their team has 10+ years of Web 3 experience. They have access to 10+ blockchain networks and know how to optimize gas fees.   

The Meta Labs Agency focuses on distinctive functionality and holder value.   

Travis Bott, CEO of Meta Labs Agency, said proceeds from mint will assist the community.   

Meta Labs Agency’s website doesn’t mention Bott or his crew. Meta Labs Agents are affiliated with the agency. We find a clone of Meta Bounty Hunters’ “reflections” Ponzi scheme. The Meta Labs Agency’s executives are:

Meta Labs Agency’s first Ponzi scheme is Meta Labs Agents. A smaller reflection pool costs $300. The $1,700 spent on “Secret Agent Collection” yields “huge reflections.”

Burning five $300 positions for a “Secret Agent” investment equals $1,500. I assume $1700 is marketing. $17.5 million from 8888 jobs wasn’t enough. Bott’s new NFT Ponzi scam involves 30,000 $300 and 5,000 $1,700 stakes.

Despite a two-tier price strategy, investors sent $17.5 million to Bott. kinda. Due to “trading five $300 positions for a Super Agent position,” the actual amount is likely lower. Meta Bounty Agents has many “coming soon” scams outside of the Ponzi scheme. Insecure men like Crypto Chads and Ganga’s Nomad are not sheep.

Joaquin Ganga Lopez, a LA tattoo artist, created Nomad by Ganga. right-wing sportswear company, Lions Not Sheep. Its NFT cartoon collection targets insecure men. The FTC sued Lions Not Sheep and Sean Whalen this month. The FTC accused Whalen of lying about Lions Not Sheep’s origin.   

The FTC sued Lions Not Sheep Products, LLC and its owner, Sean Whalen, for falsely claiming their imported gear was made in the USA.   

According to the FTC, the business put fake “Made in USA” labels on Chinese and foreign imports.   

The complaint states that on Oct. 8, 2020, Whalen posted a video with the headline “MADE IN AMERICA!” alongside a Chinese flag.   

In the video, Whalen suggested he could hide the fact that his shirts were created in China by changing the origin tags to U.S.-made tags.   

Whalen settled the FTC’s allegations for $211,335. If the Lions Not Sheep NFT scam goes through, then judgment is meaningless. Meta Labs Agency’s website mentions Meta Bounty Hunters Season 2. Bott hasn’t finished swindling his original investors.

“Reflections” are Bott’s NFT grifts. This refers to investment returns. It’s a Ponzi scheme using NFT cash grabs.

Meta Bounty Hunters has become a Ponzi scheme without the MLM (more money for Bott). Utah-based Travis Bott Bott and Meta Labs Agency aren’t SEC-registered while offering NFT passive investments.

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