A Kripto Future Ponzi relaunch was officially announced by the end of March.   

Approximately one and a half months later, here’s an update on how things are going…   

To tell you the truth, I still do not know for certain if or not the same con artists are operating Kripto Future V2. The current version of Kripto Future V2 is still based on a WordPress template and appears to be a shoddy imitation of the original.   

The original background photographs from the Kripto Future presentation have been stretched, which does not lend any credibility to the presentation. The same can be said for the lone point of contact, which is a WhatsApp connection.   

In spite of the fact that it markets itself as an updated and superior version of Kripto Future, more of the same can be expected with Kripto Future V2.   

Investing in cryptocurrency with the expectation of earning 1 to 3% per day is a Ponzi scheme, and you will lose money.  

It would appear that reload scammers are capitalizing on the demise of Kripto Future. 

This gang of opportunists is directing victims of Kripto Future into PLC Ultima, and here’s why:   

PlatinWorld is a Ponzi scheme, and PLC Ultima is a component of it. PlatinWorld is a reboot of Alex Reinhardt’s previous Ponzi scheme, PlatinCoin.   

The official Facebook page that was associated with Kripto Future has been removed. It was in September of 2021 when the official Instagram account was deleted. One month later, in October, Kripto Future was brought to its knees.   

At the time of publication, the primary website for Kripto Future displays an error related to website security. The website displayed an error message that read “404 not found” as of March 2022.   

As the Chief Executive Officer of Kripto Future from Dubai, Jeffer Ribera, who is widely thought to be an actor working for Russian con artists, was brought on board.   

Since the collapse, he has not been seen by anyone.   

Given the prevalence of reload scammers and the fact that Kripto Future V2 appears to be a shoddy copycat, engaging in any additional business dealings with the company appears to be fraught with significant peril.   

Keep an especially careful eye out for anyone who guarantees the recovery of your funds. When you invest money in a multi-level marketing Ponzi scheme, that money is lost forever. If the authorities do not intervene, there will be no chance of recovery. 

As far as Kripto Future is concerned, it is not going to happen given that Dubai is widely regarded as the global hub for multi-level marketing scams.

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