One reason an MLM Ponzi scam ceases paying out is evident.   

This can cause withdrawal delays, but not usually.   

Crowd1’s withdrawal delays started in 2020. Crowd1 executive Kenny Nordlund reacted to the incident.    Nordlund blames fraud for the lack of new investment.   

In 2020, Kenny Nordlund became Crowd1’s president (I might be slightly off).  Nordlund has long run MLM Ponzi scams.   

He was a high earner in the OneCoin Ponzi scheme.   

After OneCoin folded, Nordlund joined Anthony Norman’s Wantage OnePonzi.   

Early in 2020, Nordlund switched to Crowd1. Later that year, he joined management.   

Undated “Nordlund acknowledges in a May 24 YouTube audio clip that Crowd1 “had some payment delays.”

“Online, we get a lot of fraud. “Fraud attempts are common. When one door closes, another one opens. We’re always working on opening new doors. It often affects their own families (laughter). Fraud is happening. Our compensation plan is being twisted, which is wrong. We’re affected. We’ve been there before.   

Crowd1’s remedy is a “new IT system” slated for release.   

IT will implement a new system. We won’t tell you everything then (laughs), because people will try to open new doors. I’m not saying you will, but people are always fighting system fraud.”  

Crowd1 positions suspected of fraud will “move into the compliance department,” says Nordlund.    During the investigation, payouts are locked. 

Crowd1’s “new IT system” is an excuse to lock investor accounts that are withdrawing too much.  It’s a band-aid remedy for delayed withdrawals.   

Even if you believe Nordlund’s bullshit, a Crowd1 account that can cause cashflow concerns isn’t new overnight.   

Crowd1 targets those with a long-standing reputation.   

“Someone is committing system fraud. Say it impacts 200 out of 1,000 people. So, 200 get paid. Two hundred people have done something, while 800 haven’t. Delays result. People think, “They’re not paying because of this, because of that,” etc. Everyone who’s visited Dubai knows we’re growing. Nowhere. With this function, payment should be much faster. You’ll witness within days how payment delays are reduced.”   

Nordlund worries that “fraud” threatens Crowd1’s business. Crowd1 is a hoax, so it’s a bit rich.   

The current withdrawal delays may be harming recruitment commissions.   

This would be a new development, as 2020 withdrawal delays involved ROI payments. As far as I know, bitcoin-paid recruitment commissions have worked fine.   

Crowd1 hasn’t solved ROI payment issues since 2020, according to YouTube comments.   

They’ve been using recruitment commissions to dupe investors.   

If those are now having trouble and Crowd1 has to implement dubious limits, you can do the math.

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