A live stream was held by Metafi Yielders’ accomplice, CEO Michael Daher, shortly after COTP crashed to hold a live stream.   

Daher went on to provide more bad news after acknowledging that some investors were having a “meltdown or panic.”   

Daher described Metafi Yielder’s failure as “simply a pause,” blaming “the market.”   

Our system requires some adjustments. Because I wasn’t expecting a crash, we’ll need to make some changes to our algorithm.   

Daher went on to say, “Thanks for your money, g’bye,” rather than “changing.”  So we’re turning it off for the next thirty days. There will only be minor updates to the website. There will be no timer on it. It will not take that long. We do not accept deposits or withdrawals at this time. There has been no money theft.   

Daher goes on to say that KYC might be used as an exit scam method in the future. Investor live chat assistance has likewise been discontinued.   

To put it another way, it’s over.   

I mention this because Metafi Yielders has been requesting $10,000 investments for the past twenty days. On or around May 4th, the 4.2 percent a day plans, which you may recall were established to lessen the previous 42-day plan expiry cash out, were introduced.   

The plans have a 30-day expiration date, which has passed today.   

With so many MLM crypto Ponzis falling in recent days (many of which are managed by the same crooks), a new bogus infinity scheme is unlikely to retain people reinvesting.  Instead, Metafi Yielders has just stopped accepting withdrawals. Rather than immediately admitting they’re exit-scamming like in COTP, you utilize the “pause” ruse to draw things out. 

However, math is math, and the end conclusion is always the same.   

The other clue is Metafi Yielders’ continuous withdrawal issues, which started just a few days after the 4.2 percent plan was announced.   

New limits were imposed on May 17th, with withdrawals still restricted. 

Withdrawals are limited to two per day and capped at $4000. Withdrawals    will now be manually authorized, with a 24-48 hour wait time.

Investors are no longer able to withdraw funds prior to the end of their investment plan. 

Withdrawals were disabled again the next day. They weren’t reopened until May 20th, still subject to the foregoing restrictions. Everyone presumably cashed out what they could over the next two days… and here we are, with the writing on the wall.   

Michel Daher, an actor from Perth, Australia, as Metafi Yielders’ collaborator, CEO “Michael Daher.”   

The Metafi Yielders’ true owners are thought to be the usual Russian Boris CEO suspects. They’re also suspected of being behind the recently defunct Swapnex Ponzi scheme.   

According to SimilarWeb’s continuing study, traffic to Metafi Yielders’ website peaked in April. We don’t have a breakdown by region yet. 

Investors in Metafi Yielders are valued at over 20,000, according to Daher. The total loss to investors is unknown.

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