The Prosperity Grid’s gifting system is on its way out.   

Rather than accepting that math is math and that every gifting scheme eventually fails, members of The Prosperity Grid are being punished for not recruiting. Marina Taute, an admin and top earner, was tasked with breaking the terrible news to victims during a recent The Prosperity Grid webinar. 

Taute (right) describes herself as a South African “change maker.” She has undoubtedly changed the lives of fraud victims through The Prosperity Grid.   

On the webinar, Taute admitted that “a few of the grids have been going a little slower” for a “few months.”  The Prosperity Grid is a straightforward 2×3 matrix gifting scheme.

The matrices are referred to as “grids” by the company and its proponents.   

Taute announces that the prior $500 USD buy-in will be cut to 2000 ZAR ($126) in order to resurrect The Prosperity Grid (and attract new victims).   

It was achievable a year and a half ago when we requested $500. However, requesting that amount now would be akin to requesting 20,000 ZAR ($1200 USD). Taute recognizes that people are in financial trouble in the current economic climate – and adjusts her gifting scam to best capitalize on that – which speaks to the character of people who engage in gifting schemes.  

Totally shameless.   

Taute then moves on to a poll, which comes as close to acknowledging the inevitable fall in recruitment that will lead to The Prosperity Grid’s demise as possible.   

“We conducted a poll in the engine and receiver rooms to determine the most pressing issue on the grids. Why are we trapped? Why aren’t folks taking their two companions in with them? And it wasn’t about money; it was about getting two people in. People are afraid they won’t be able to bring their two companions in.”   

The solution is to take money from existing Prosperity Grid participants. They’ll be able to purchase 2000 ZAR “shuttle” positions, which will feed back into the grid prosperity matrices that have halted.   

Another change is the re-insertion of someone you recruited into your matrix. They’ll now be “shuffled” into matrices that have become stuck due to time constraints.  Taute continues to deliver bad news, revealing that The Grid Prosperity’s “money back promise” for new recruits will be withdrawn.   

This appears to be a minimal change, given that the prosperity grid is on the verge of collapsing.   

“People in the motivator and supporter positions continue to call me and demand their money back. You guys didn’t pay me. And the receiver who was paid has the right to spend the money after the grid is built. The Prosperity Grid functions in this manner.”   

Grid Prosperity con artists have been told to make sure their victims are “active once or twice a week.” They will be given warnings before their position (s) is terminated if they do not reply.   

Sending spam in an attempt to acquire new The Prosperity Group victims is part of being active.   

That appears to have failed to catch on outside of South Africa.   

Taute talks about a “new automated system” in the future. When the Prosperity Grid reaches the point of no return, it looks like this will be launched (essentially a reboot).   

Taute and the other Prosperity Grid administrators, who are the scheme’s principal beneficiaries, have given it 90 days to recover.   

Participating in gifting scams like The Prosperity Grid, according to Taute, is like paying a tithe at church.    The majority of the Prosperity Grid promoters and victims, according to Taute, are in South Africa.   

Many people are currently in South Africa, which makes up the majority of the grid.  When it comes to policing MLM-related fraud in South Africa, the authorities have a poor track record.

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