Xifra Lifestyle has ceased to exist. Beginning in late April, investors began reporting withdrawal issues.    The Ponzi scheme is allegedly getting ready to relaunch as Decentra.   

As previously discussed on here, Xifra Lifestyle was a simple 200 percent ROI Ponzi scheme.  

Jonathan Sifuentes, a Brazilian national with ties to Mexico and the United States, was behind the scam (Texas).   

The name Xifra Lifestyle implies that the company is based in Mexico.   

Mexican officials issued a security fraud notice to Xifra Lifestyle in September. On December 8th, the company was fined $49.321 for securities fraud. 

The domain “decentrauniverse.com” was registered eight days later, on December 16th. 

Decentra, on the other hand, began much earlier. Xifra debuted Decentra University’s pseudo-compliance during a marketing event in Cancun in November 2021:   

On the subject of cryptocurrencies, XIFRA made an unexpected revelation on Sunday that they were developing their own coin, which would not go live until December 2022. During the event, another service, Decentra University, was revealed. It is an educational service that will feature training material on a variety of topics, with a strong focus on new technologies such as Blockchain and artificial intelligence, which are both pillars of the XIFRA organization. The exclusive leadership and personal growth coaching by John Maxwell is a significant highlight among the Decentra platform’s content.   

The initial concept appears to have been scrapped in favor of relaunching Xifra Lifestyle wholly through Decentra.   

Decentra marketing began in March 2021 with the following message:   

Xifra Lifestyle investors are promoting Decentra’s “absorbing” marketing strategy:   

As previously stated, Xife Lifestyle’s Ponzi is “registered and compliant in the United States” thanks to Decentra.   

This is complete nonsense. According to the SEC’s Edgar database, Xifra Lifestyle, Decentra, and Jonathan Sifuentes are not registered to offer securities in the United States. 

While Michael Anderson’s assertion is false, it’s not surprising. 

For months, Xifra Lifestyle investors have claimed that the company is legitimate in both Mexico and the United States.   

Decentra portrays itself as a dissident blockchain startup led by unknown individuals. It is, in fact, a continuation of Jonathan Sifuentes’ Xifra Lifestyle.   

In 2020, the Arizona Corporation Commission’s Securities Division filed a securities fraud complaint against Sifuentes.   

Sifuentes’ past Ponzi conduct was the subject of the application, which dated back to 2017.   

I’d like to draw your attention to the following quote from Sifuentes in the ACC’s application:   

At a presentation in Sosa’s office, Sifuentes also informed offerees and investors that MTCoin was a terrific investment and that he had already made a lot of money. He further asserted that the federal government had no authority over the corporation because their money accounts were handled by an independent company, making the investment extremely low-risk. He never mentioned any dangers.   

Sifuente’s “independent firm” for Xifra Lifestyle is Decentra. With My Trader Coin, he’s living out the regulatory fantasy he never got to realize.   

As a result, Sifuentes, Xifra Lifestyle, and Decentra appear to have relocated to Dubai as part of this illusion.   

Dubai is the world’s MLM scam capital. Sifuentes’ move to Mexico puts him out of reach of US and Mexican authorities, allowing him to continue scamming customers.   

In April 2022, Sifuentes claimed to be “the highest compensated individual in the network marketing sector” in a YouTube video titled “The XIFRA/DECENTRA UNIVERSE Story Documentary 2019-2022.”   

I’m the highest-paid employee in the business. If you add up what seven guys from BusinessForHome make in a month, that’s what I make in a month.   

The Xifra Ponzi scam will run alongside Decentra’s membership plan, according to marketing videos on Decentra’s official YouTube account.   

Decentra charges $99.95 for the first month and then $34.95 every month, for a total of $349.95 per year (a travel-booking engine, Decentra University, etc.).   

Decentra accepts bitcoin for all payments and claims an annual return of 88 percent.  

Shane Morand and John C. Maxwell—both US citizens and, unless I’m mistaken, US residents—are notable names in the MLM industry who have joined Xifra.   

Shane Morand is one of Organo Gold’s co-founders. After a failed attempt to sell crypto fraud to distributors, Morand departed from Organo Gold.  Morand reappeared as a crypto bro in late 2021, advertising Trujivan, a Tycoon69 Ponzi scheme.  When that fell through, Morand looks to have continued his crypto fraud journey with Decentra.   

Morand moved to Dubai a few months ago to completely live out the MLM crypto Ponzi dream:  

MLM events frequently feature John C. Maxwell as a speaker. He appears to have had a long relationship with Sifuentes.   

The use of Maxwell’s name and picture to suggest that Xifra Lifestyle and Decentra are not Ponzi schemes committing securities fraud is widespread.   

According to Maxwell’s LinkedIn profile, he lives in Florida.   

While it should go without saying that changing the name of your Ponzi scheme and pretending it runs itself to escape regulation is absurd, that is exactly where the MLM crypto world is at.   

With Dubai thrown in, all that’s needed now are more naive investors to keep the original Xifra Lifestyle Ponzi afloat.   

Based on investor representations from Xifra Lifestyle,   

on May 29th, the Decentra Xifra Lifestyle Ponzi relaunch will premiere.

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