Swapnex’s scammers have given up after four days of waiting for the “number to go up” and have pulled the plug. I’m not sure why, but they’re attempting to blame COTP as well. Swapnex informed investors earlier today that daily return computations would be disabled.   

We are momentarily unable to accept new orders in both manual and automated trading modes. All prior orders’ payments have been halted until the situation improves.   

Given that withdrawals were restricted earlier this week, this was primarily a symbolic gesture. Swapnex shut the plug on whatever exit scam they were running behind the scenes about an hour ago.   

“Dear Customers, Our largest broker has turned down our request for a refund of the funds we supplied to execute orders.   

Furthermore, this broker is continuously launching DDoS assaults against the Swapnex website. It is a COTPS firm. We’ve been using it to process orders and make payments.   

We are not a traditional arbitrage platform, as you may recall. We just act as a link between you and the market.   

According to the Swapnex Terms and Conditions, we are not liable for any financial losses or dangers associated with the cryptocurrency area.   

Our website will cease to operate at this time, and the COTPS will assume full responsibility for your debts.   

The stuff regarding brokers is complete nonsense. DDOS is a common exit scam. The exit-scam appears to include blaming COTP. Swapnex was a Russian-based Ponzi scheme operated by Boris CEO. COTP is an Asian-based Ponzi scheme. I can’t say for sure that Swapnex and COTP aren’t managed by the same con artists, but it’s highly improbable. Swapnex’s rest of the update is just “I’m sorry for your loss.” A reminder to investors that any comments made below asking “How can I get my money back?” will be marked as spam.

Prior to last week’s coin meltdown, Metafi Yielders and COT were the only two MLM crypto Ponzis still operating. Withdrawals were disabled by Metafi Yielders yesterday. They’re scheduled to reopen, but I haven’t seen anything to corroborate that. Regardless, Metafi Yielders has placed withdrawal limitations in place until the middle of June.

COTP initially blamed the TRON blockchain, but now they’re claiming “SMS verification troubles.” They were expected to have their technical concerns resolved yesterday, but I haven’t seen anything to substantiate that.

Swapnex’s websites and social media accounts were still active at the time of writing. We anticipate that they will vanish within the next 24 hours. Swapnex’s website domain has been moved to COTP’s website as of May 20th, 2022.

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