A settlement has been reached between My Daily Choice, Arieyl, and its “launch team” distributors. 

A stipulation of voluntary dismissal was submitted on May 17th as a result of the settlement.   

The court approved the compromise on May 18th, effectively ending My Daily Choice’s lawsuit.   

Last year, Arieyl, Kristen, and Travis Butler were sued by My Daily Choice.   

The MLM claimed that after quitting My Daily Choice, the Butlers co-founded Arieyl and began an illegal and highly harmful attempt to loot MDC’s business and affiliate network.   

Individual lawsuits were then filed against Arieyl’s launch team, a group of former My Daily Choice distributors who had defected.   

Aside from each party footing its own legal costs, the parties’ settlement specifics have not been revealed. 

The court’s May 18th judgment also dismisses My Daily Choice’s litigation as a result of the settlements.

This concludes our coverage of the case.

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