Melissa Sorenson used to work for the paparazzi. In January 2022, Sorenson was fired. She or the paparazzi have not revealed the details of the termination.

What we do know is that Sorenson believes she was “wrongfully terminated,” according to a chat log. She has filed numerous complaints with state and federal labor inspectors to this end. The Papa Chat United chat records were filed as an exhibit with a request for a Temporary Restraining Order from Paparazzi.

The filing came as part of a lawsuit filed by the paparazzi against Sorenson and several former consultants. Sorenson says she’s filed complaints with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (both federal and state) as well as the Department of Labor, about the chat log exhibit.

According to Sorenson, the Department of Labor, and the Utah Labor Commission, “your complaint has been found warranted based on our first inquiry and is being referred to the State of Utah to initiate an official investigation, which we will help with.”   

On February 23rd, Sorenson and Paparazzi will meet for a mediation session. According to Sorenson, the paparazzi did not show up.   

They also failed to show up for mediation yesterday, which is aggravating… as if I’m no longer worth their time, or that they can’t be bothered… in addition places in the chat, Sorenson explains what the Utah OSHA is looking into:   

They stated they’ll look into the jewelry, machine safety controls, and emergency equipment (fire extinguishers), as well as speak with other current employees to see if they’ve ever been warned of someone being unwell at work or told to come in sick.   

Other Paparazzi employees, according to Sorenson, have recently resigned due to “bullying or daria or safety and health issues, etc.” Sorenson claims she filed the complaints against the paparazzi because she wants them to be held accountable for their actions and to improve.   

Sorenson said the paparazzi have given her “a lot of headaches and agony.” At least one other conversation participant appears to have reported the incident to Utah OSHA. The complaint was filed over “alleged safety and health issues at Paparazzi Accessories,” according to the communication.

Because the complainant is not now employed by the Paparazzi, Utah OSHA advises them that they will not be notified “of the results of our inquiry.”  

However, be assured that we will thoroughly evaluate your complaint to see whether this location has any OSHA violations.   

These investigations, I assume, originate from the discovery of dangerous metals in Paparazzi’s jewelry.   

Any regulatory inquiries involving the paparazzi are still unknown.

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