Anthony Norman’s EQT Bank Ponzi scheme included the Universal Pickle. Norman’s failed Dragon Global Finance Ponzi was rebooted as EQT Bank.

Norman informed investors in an undated statement that “both parties have chosen to dissolve the partnership in an amicable manner.” Yes, Anthony Norman is segregating one component of his current Ponzi scheme from the other on the surface.

Norman whipped up a lengthy “haterz” exit-scam rather than simply stating EQT Bank and Universal Pickle are dead in the water:

“The positive response initially pleased and overwhelmed us. The Pickle’s devoted fan base is a fantastic crowd, and we had a terrific time working with you. However, a tiny group of people began acting in an unprofessional and inappropriate manner.   

This included threats to our employees, as well as inappropriate interaction with the public firms we were promoting, putting EQT at risk of losing some of its most important clients. 

Such behavior is obviously unacceptable, and we have informed the appropriate authorities in each case.  We have always taken a zero-tolerance stance on such issues and will continue to do so in the future, and we will not engage in any situation where we or our clients are subjected to inappropriate behavior.   

We’ve been quiet because we’ve been debating and reviewing where to go from here, and given the time delays this spring, we wanted to communicate in a precise and exact manner.   

Following this, we came to the conclusion that EQT and UPL have a bright future and could have a great synergy, but our perspectives on operational aspects differ, and the upside to EQT versus the operational risk and hassle is far too expensive in the context of the project’s size, so both parties have agreed to end the partnership amicably.”   

While it’s unavoidable that Norman has amassed a significant number of victims over the years, here’s why he’s cutting the cord:   

The writing is on the wall after only two months. Norman made his fortune selling UPL to unsuspecting investors, and now it’s time to try something new. The website of EQT Bank appears to have been abandoned.

It’s currently displaying a security certificate error at the time of writing. Norman is dangling a refund carrot in front of investors to deter them from alerting authorities.   

Those who have enrolled will receive an email with instructions next week, and as funds are handed back to us, all funds will be paid out during the month of May.   

Expect refund delays next month, the website of Universal Pickle going down, and more excuses.

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