Both of Aleksey Muratov’s Ponzi scams, Prizm and Roy Club, have been exposed as fraudulent.  

It appears that the websites for Prizm and Roy Club have been taken down. Muratov continues to take advantage of PRIZM investors by promoting “Prizm Space.”  

At the time of publication, the original domain for the Prizm Ponzi scheme, “,” had already expired.  

According to the WHOIS information, the domain name appears to have been forgotten about and let its registration lapse on or around May 7th. 

The relaunch of Prizm that Muratov developed, called Roy Club, is set up to deny access to any and all website visitors. Around the end of April, there was a final pump and dump, which allows us to map the collapse of Prizm.  

PZM’s daily manipulated trading volume range fell from $500 to over $2 million, with a daily average of just a few thousand dollars. Previously, this range had been over two million dollars. Regarding Roy The debut of a UMI shitcoin took place in a club. I don’t believe that Roy Club’s UMI was ever available for public trade; therefore, it’s likely that they’ve just quietly given up on that idea internally.  

Through Prizm Space, it would appear that Muratov is continuing to play Prizm investors, who are now known as PZM bagholders, for fools. It is not clear why he is going to the trouble, as it is highly doubtful that international investors will be able to go after him in Russia.  

Because of Muratov’s connections to Donetsk, it may be challenging for Russian authorities to take action within the country. At this point in time, the Ukraine is in no position whatsoever to be responsible for the regulation of Ponzi schemes.  

The amount of website traffic to the original website domain for Prizm is insufficient to be tracked (the domain is disabled in any case).  

According to data provided by SimilarWeb, the bulk of visitors to Prizm Space come from the following countries: Russia (22%, down 31% month on month), Ukraine (16%, down 14% month on month), Lithuania (15%, up 91%), Australia (14%), and Kazakhstan (7 percent).  

Prizm has reached a standstill, with the exception of the continued recruitment of fresh victims in Lithuania.  

The majority of Roy Club victims are from Argentina (58%), Russia (22%, a decrease of 40% from the previous month), the United States (9%), Belarus (6%), and Ukraine (3%, a decrease of 40% month on month).

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