Withdrawal issues have been reported by COTP affiliate investors.   

COTP is blaming congestion on the TRON network rather than being honest about running out of funds to support withdrawals.   

On the TRON network, there have been no recent reports of congestion.   

COTP is a daily return MLM crypto Ponzi that is thought to be managed by Southeast Asian crooks.    Investors began reporting concerns over the last 24 hours, as reported by the Facebook group “COTP Scam—Now What?!?”   

When a withdrawal request is sent through, COTP purposefully sends out invalid codes, causing delays.    COTP investors have been told that on-site issues are caused by off-site congestion on the TRON network, as demonstrated here on here. 

The problem with this claim is that there has been no mention of TRON network congestion on the internet in the last 48 hours. Furthermore,  COTP, as previously discussed on here in March, seeks tether investment (USDT).

The website of COTP makes no mention of Tron.   

According to SimilarWeb, the bulk of visitors to COTP’s website are from the United States (38%), followed by Colombia (9%), the United Kingdom (5%), Australia (4%), and Nigeria (4%).  

With the recent drop in cryptocurrencies, a number of MLM crypto Ponzi scams are feeling the heat.    The website for Elevate Pass went down a few days ago. Mido Finance has gone bankrupt, and Metafi Yielders investors are having withdrawal problems as well. last modified on May 15, 2022  

COTP “customer service” has informed investors that SMS difficulties will take three business days to resolve as of Friday, May 13th.   

COTP now has until Tuesday, May 17th to resume withdrawals… or face an exit scam.

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