Smart Business Corp’s website contains no information about the company’s ownership or executives. Further investigation identifies Ernesto Reséndiz as the founder and CEO of Smart Business Corp.

Resendiz claims to be based in Mexico on LinkedIn. This is connected to Smart Business Corp., indicating that it is based in Mexico. A Mexican domain is also used by the company. The website domain (“”) for Smart Business Corp was first registered in 2015.

The proprietor is stated as “Ernesto Resendiz Lopez,” with an address in Benito Juarez, Mexico. Smart Business Corp’s website domain was redirected to “” according to the Wayback Machine.

Until at least November 2020, this was the situation. Smart Business Corp’s current website, I believe, launched in mid-2021. “This website is administered by SBC,” notes the Smart Fund Limited website’s bottom.   

SBC is located at 1276 Kumul Hwy, 1st Flr Govant Bldg, Port Vila, Vanuatu, where it operates and/or offers services.   

SBC, or Smart Business Corp, has no ties to Vanuatu. Scammers frequently register shell firms in scam-friendly jurisdictions to launch MLM businesses.

On Smart Business Corp’s official YouTube account, the earliest video is from March 2020. It shows the opening of SBC’s Mexican offices: We can deduce from this that Smart Business Corp has been in operation since at least early 2020.

Smart Fund Limited was an unsuccessful commercial venture. SBC pretended to be a broker at the time.   SBC was created in 1996 and is one of the industry’s largest and most well-known brokers. “We produce a lot of trading volume and provide a lot of liquidity to traders all around the world.”   

Smart Business Corp appeared to be a relaunch of Smart Fund Limited. It turns out it’s a relaunch of a previously failed Ponzi scheme run by Resendiz. IBF International sought $410 in investments with the promise of a monthly return of $100.

IBF International targeted South America. It appears to have crashed for the first time in 2014, forcing Ecuadorian authorities to detain founder Ernesto Reséndiz while on a promotional trip.

In July 2014, Ecuavisa reported: “A new case of enormous fraud has been reported in Machala. A Mexican individual was arrested by police in the city of Ourense for allegedly being involved in a new huge online advertising fraud. There have been 30 complaints so far from customers who paid between $250 and $410 for a membership to get into the advertising industry but have not gotten their money in over two months.”   

Separately, El Comercio reported that a foreigner claiming to be the director of the IBF International firm explains how the “biggest and most lucrative capitalization system without debt” operates to a group of people.   

Ernesto L., 42, the company’s accused director, was arrested last Thursday in Machala, El Oro’s capital.    After a number of members accused him of alleged nonpayment, the police captured him at an office.   

His preventive detention for fraud was ordered by the Second Court of Criminal Guarantees on July 4. 

I couldn’t find any information about what happened after Resendiz was arrested. However, this Ponzi scheme behind “debt elimination” gibberish has been going on in Mexico since at least 2011; as part of a national tour, the director of Smart Business Corp, Ernesto Reséndiz López, went to Zacatecas to showcase this new way of doing business.   

Members of this organization, which has over 11,000 members nationwide, come together to provide financial support to one another while also receiving training to start and run successful enterprises.   

He emphasized that while the concept of lending money to one another, obtaining training guidance, and making profit among members is simple, putting it into practice is difficult.   

According to its founder, who was in a Fenaza room giving a presentation, the creative idea that started with avoiding falling into debt and has been running for a year has crossed boundaries and is now being implemented in other nations.   

When all of this is added together, we get:  Around 2010, Resendiz launches the Smart Business Corp Ponzi scheme in Mexico; Smart Business Corp crashes, prompting Resendiz to launch IBF International; IBF International spreads beyond Mexico before collapsing in mid-2014; Resendiz returns to Mexico at some point and launches Smart Fund Limited, a non-Ponzi trading platform; Smart Fund Limited fails, prompting the relaunch of Smart Business Corp; Smart Business Corp is relaunched alongside Smart Fund Limited, but does not move to its own “” domain until 2021; and Mexican authorities appear to have been asleep at the wheel on Resendiz’s various Ponzi schemes for over a decade. 

We’re looking at the most recent version of Smart Business Corp today.  Continue reading to learn more about Smart Business Corp’s MLM opportunity. 

The Products of Smart Business Corp- Smart Business Corp does not offer any items or services for sale.  Smart Business Corp affiliate membership is the only thing affiliates can market.

Smart Business Corp Compensation Plan- Affiliates of Smart Business Corp invest in bitcoin in USD equivalents. This is based on the promise of a “compound ROI” that will be paid out monthly for the next 24 months. 

Smart Business Corp affiliates can select between two initial investment plans: 

It’s simple: put down $795 and receive 2% every month for 24 months ($1278.71 total return).   

Put down $995 and get 5% interest every month for 24 months ($3208.97 total return). 

Smart Business Corp provides “extra plans” if an additional investment plan is selected. 

Additional Smart Business Corp programs are available depending on whether an affiliate started with the Basic or Premium tier.

The additional plans can be purchased as part of a basic or premier tier investment or separately.

Invest $795 + $500 over 24 months for a monthly return of 3% ($904.36 total ROI).  

Invest $795 + $1000 over 24 months for a monthly return of 3.5 percent ($2032.79 total return).  

Invest $795 + $2000 for a monthly return of 4.5 percent over 24 months (5126.61 total ROI).  

Invest $795 + $5000 for a total return of $16,125.50 ($795 + $5000) after 24 months.  

Invest $795 + $10,000 over 24 months for a monthly return of 6.5 percent ($47,489.35 total return).

Invest $995 + $500 over 24 months for a 5% monthly return ($4821.52 total return).  

Invest $995 + $1000 for a total monthly return of 5.5 percent for 24 months ($6823.56).  

$995 + $2000 yielded a monthly return of 6% for 24 months ($11,306.84 total ROI). For 24 months.

I invested $995 + $5000 and received 7% every month ($28,570.80 total ROI).   

Invest $995 + $10,000 and get 8% every month for 24 months for a total return of $66,620.78. 

Additional Strategies (invested in after signing up on their own) To get a total return of $904.36, you invested $500 and received 2.5 percent every month for 24 months.

For 24 months, you invested $1000 and received 3% every month ($2032.79 total ROI).

For 24 months, you invested $2000 and received 4% every month ($5126.61 total ROI).

For 24 months, you invested $5000 and gained 5% every month ($16,125.50 total return).

For 24 months, you invested $10,000 and gained 6% every month ($40,489.35 total return). 

Smart Business Corp’s MLM division compensates for affiliate investor recruitment.

Affiliate Ranks of Smart Business Corp.

The Smart Business Corp pay plan has eight affiliate ranks.

They are as follows, along with their respective qualification criteria: Make an investment as a Smart Business Corp affiliate.   

Invest $500, recruit six Smart Executives who have invested in another plan, and produce a total downline investment volume of $60,000.   

Directly invest $1,000, retain six individually recruited Smart Executives (one Master Junior), and generate a downline investment volume of $120,000.  

Master Trainer – invest $5,000 personally, hire nine Smart Executives (one Master Senior and one Master Junior), and generate a total downline investment volume of $5,000.

Master Manager – invest $10,000 personally, retain nine Smart Executives (one Master Trainer, one Master Senior, and one Master Junior), and generate a total downline investment volume of $1,000,000.00.    

Personal investment of $20,000 results in the hiring of twelve Smart Executives (one Master Manager, one Master Trainer, one Master Senior, and one Master Junior) and a total investment volume of $2,500,000.

I personally invest $40,000, have twelve Smart Executives (one Master Elite, one Master Manager, one Master Trainer, and one Master Senior) in my downline, and create $5,000,000 in total investment volume.   

I personally invest $100,000, recruit fifteen Smart Executives (two Master Elites, one Master Manager, one Master Trainer, and one Master Senior), and generate a $10,000,000.00 downline investment volume. 

Additional “Master Test” certification standards are available, ranging from “Basic 1” for Master Junior to “Advanced 3” for Master Platinum. It is unclear what a “Master Test” is.

It’s worth noting that the required downline investment volume isn’t calculated in full for each investment. Based on unilevel team levels, Smart Business Corp lowered counted investment volume.

An affiliate is placed at the head of a unilevel team, with every personally recruited affiliate placed directly beneath them (level 1):

Level 1 affiliates who recruit new affiliates are assigned to the original affiliate’s unilevel team’s level 2.

Level 2 affiliates who recruit new affiliates are promoted to level 3, and so on, down a theoretically unlimited number of levels.

Smart Business Corp counts investment volume across eight unilevel team levels for rank qualification.

investment  The volume from the unilevel team’s levels 1 and 2 is counted at 100%. The volume of investment from the unilevel team’s levels 3 and 4 is 90 percent.

The unilevel team’s levels 5 and 6 account for 80% of the investment volume.

The unilevel team’s levels 7 and 8 account for 30% of the total investment volume. 

Commissions for Recruitment- Smart Business Corporation pays a $200 affiliate referral fee. A distinction between basic and premier tier recruitment does not appear to exist. The incentive scheme for Smart Business Corp additionally includes a $450 bonus for every three affiliates recruited. There is no distinction made between basic and premium recruitment.

During the first eighteen weeks of a new Smart Business Corp affiliate’s life, there is no cap on recruitment commissions paid out.

Recruitment commissions are capped after this time period. There are no specifics offered.

On three recruitment levels (unilevel team), residual commissions are paid:  a starting point (personally recruited affiliates). levels of two to three gets 3% to 2% of the total  Master’s Bonus  Affiliates in the top ranks of Smart Business Corp receive a monthly bonus called the Master Bonus. 

I’m a Master Junior, which means I get $500 every month.

As a master senior, I am eligible for $1,500 each month.   

Become a Master Trainer and earn $5000 every month. I’ve earned the title of Master Manager and am paid $10,000 every month.

I’m a Master Elite, which means I get $20,000 every month.

I am a Master Superior and get paid $45,000 per month.   

Master Platinum status entitles you to $100,000 per month. 


Every five affiliates recruited into a Smart Business Corp affiliate’s unilevel team earns a $100 bonus. The 5-1 Bonus looks to have an upline component:  An affiliate’s upline (the affiliate who recruited them) receives $300 if they receive a $100 5-1 Bonus.

The upline receives $600 if an affiliate receives $300 in 5-1 bonuses. 

The 5-1 bonus, which includes the upline component, appears to be an unlimited bonus. 

Smart Business Corporation affiliate membership costs $795 for basic membership and $995 for premium membership. These memberships need a 24-month commitment at face value. The more money a Smart Business Corp affiliate puts in, the more money they can make.

Smart Business Corp. is a company that specializes in business consulting.

Ernesto Reséndiz’s many Ponzi schemes continue with Smart Business Corp. The newest iteration indicates a move to cryptocurrency fraud, with Smart Business Corp soliciting bitcoin investment. That’s it.

That’s the one thing that sets this apart from Resendiz’s past Ponzi schemes. The website of Smart Fund Limited has been preserved since it is a part of Smart Business Corp’s Ponzi scheme: Affiliates invest bitcoin, which is then transferred to Smart Fund Limited, which then invests in something else traders, resulting in a yes Ponzi scheme.

It’s a little more complicated than your average Ponzi scheme, but it’s still the same “trading” crap we see behind MLM crypto frauds.

Naturally, there is no proof of trade activity at Smart Business Corp. In addition, neither Smart Business Corp nor Ernesto Resendiz are registered to sell securities in Mexico or anywhere else.

This suggests that Smart Business Corp has committed securities fraud at the very least. Taking a step back, it should be evident that if Ernesto Reséndiz could legitimately generate the returns he promised investors after at least eleven years, he would be among the world’s wealthiest individuals. He’s instead promoting the latest cryptocurrency version of his several failed Ponzi scams.

According to data from SimilarWeb, investors in South America are once again falling for it: like with all MLM Ponzi schemes, if affiliate recruiting dries up, so will fresh investment.

This will deprive Smart Business Corp of ROI revenue, resulting in its eventual demise. Ponzi schemes are mathematically guaranteed to lose money to the majority of participants when they collapse.

I’m not sure why the Mexican government hasn’t taken action against Reséndiz yet. When it comes to regulation, Mexico isn’t the most transparent country.

If he’s been defrauding people for over a decade with no consequences, I’d think there’s something fishy going on.

When Smart Business Corp goes bankrupt, Reséndiz’s victims will be worse off than ever before (again).

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