Metafi Yielders launched a new 4.2 percent per day investing plan on May 5th.  

Accomplice CEO Michael Daher confirmed that the money was being kept in the system.   

Affiliates of Metafi Yielders began reporting withdrawal issues on May 6th. 

Affiliates were still reporting withdrawal issues as of May 10th, according to the Facebook group Metafi Yielders Scam – Now What!?    Requests for help from Metafi Yielders have gone ignored.   

The Metafi Yielders’ withdrawal issues have not been fixed as of May 12th: 

The first recorded withdrawal symptoms for Metafi Yielders appeared in late April. Under the cover of a “DDOS attack,” they were dismissed.   

Yesterday, Michael Daher introduced 700 new 4.2 percent per day investment positions in an attempt to reduce withdrawals by trapping more money in the system:  

Yielders’ initial round of 4.2 percent a day holdings, if memory serves, was 1500. This put off $15 million in withdrawal liabilities for 30 days at $10,000 each.   

Metafi Yielders plans to kick another $7 million in withdrawals down the road with 700 additional employees.  Meanwhile, Metafi Yielders’ withdrawal liabilities are skyrocketing at 4.2 percent per day on the backend. 

In his video appearance yesterday, Daher went on to explain his support concerns. “Joseph,” according to Daher, has resigned as the head of Metafi Yielders’ support department.   

Joseph (right) is thought to be a Vietnamese national who knows Daher personally. 


Maggie Jay Babcock, a Metafi Yielders investor from Western Australia, will take Joseph’s post.   

Daher presents Joseph’s departure as a reaction to racism. This appears to be a ploy to divert attention away from Metafi Yielders’ continued withdrawal issues.   

Daher chastised affiliates in the Q & A section of his May 12th newsletter for asking “support questions” after telling them they could ask anything.

“If you can please again keep your Q&A till the very end we’ll come back to that. And I’ll give you full reigns of the show and you can ask whatever questions you have.”

“Does anybody have any questions or comments?”

“I notice that people are asking for a lower package at the 4.2(%). This is exactly what I’m talking about here.”

“Why are you asking support questions in a live update? Right?”

“I’ve just explained, please use the website for a chat bubble. I’m here to give you an update, and you’re asking for support.”

Metafi Yielders must register with financial regulators in order to operate legally. Not just in Australia, where it is considered a token regulatory gesture, but in every jurisdiction where Metafi Yielders seeks investment.   

In April 2022, according to SimilarWeb, Metafi Yielders’ website received roughly 330,000 visitors. The majority of the visitors are thought to be Americans.   

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regulates securities in the United States. Providing periodic audited financial reports to the SEC and the general public is a part of that regulatory procedure.   

These records would show where Metafi Yielders got their money from and how they used it to pay affiliate withdrawal requests. A report listing “transactions” is insufficient.   

In any case, neither Metafi Yielders nor Michael Daher are registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. ASIC has not received any audited financial reports from the company.   

With the recent drop in cryptocurrencies, a number of MLM crypto Ponzi scams are feeling the heat.  The website for Elevate Pass went down a few days ago.

Mido Finance has gone bankrupt, and COTP investors are experiencing withdrawal troubles as well.

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