The website of Masterworks Investment has no reliable information on who owns or runs the company.   

There is a “team members” tab on the Masterworks Investment website. The names on the page, on the other hand, are made up and are represented by stock and/or stolen photographs. 

Multiple fraudulent forex sites use the same stock photo to portray Ewan Charlton (CEO of…):  

The reason for this is that MasterWorks Investment’s website uses a scam-proof template:   

The only marketing video on MasterWorks Investment’s website is hosted on the “Investment Crypto” YouTube channel.   

The channel has multiple marketing films for different schemes, implying that it is part of a fraudulent website hosting package: In an attempt to appear legitimate, MasterWorks Investment gives a doctored SEC certificate.  

There are no SEC certificates of incorporation. This indicates that the person in charge of MasterWorks Investment isn’t a native English speaker, or that he or she is targeting extremely foolish investors, or both.   

This is consistent with the fact that MasterWorks Investment’s marketing film uses stock footage with a robo-narrative. 

A New York address is included in MasterWorks Investment’s forged SEC certificate. This is the address of MasterWorks, a separate art investing firm.

It looks like MasterWorks Investment is attempting to impersonate MasterWorks, the actual corporation, at least in part.   

On August 10th, 2021, MasterWorks Investment’s website domain (“”) was privately registered.   

As always, if an MLM firm isn’t transparent about who runs or controls it, think twice about joining and/or giving over money.   

Investment Products by MasterWorks- MasterWorks Investment does not sell products or services to the general public.   

Only MasterWorks Investment affiliate membership can be promoted by affiliates.   

Affiliates of MasterWorks Investment invest funds on the promise of advertised returns. 

Bronze- Earn 1.5 percent per day by investing $100 to $19,999.   

Earn 2% per day by investing between $20,000 and $39,999.   

Invest in gold for $40,000 to $59,999 and earn 2.5 percent per day.  

Get 3.5 percent each day if you have $60,000 or more. 

The returns MasterWorks Investment pays out do not appear to be capped. The website of MasterWorks Investment says that bitcoin investments are sought.

There are no specifics offered.  MasterWorks Investment’s MLM side pays out on cash invested by recruited affiliates.   

Commissions of Recommendation– On money invested by individually recruited affiliates, MasterWorks Investment pays a 10% commission.   

Recurring Commissions- MasterWorks Investment gives monthly bonuses for residual commissions.    This bonus is contingent on meeting three levels of qualification: 

To earn $1,500 a month as a Regional Representative, you must invest $10,000, recruit at least fifty affiliates, and generate $50,000 in total downline investment volume.   

$20,000, ten affiliates recruited, $100,000 in total downline investment volume generated, and $2500 each month (bonus Rolex watch upon qualifying).

Invest $30,000, plus a bonus “trip to the company’s headquarters and 24 hours of free shopping” if you recruit at least twenty affiliates and create $200,000 in total downline investment volume.

A Locality  The requirement for fifty recruits by a representative is not a typo on my part. There should, in reality, be five affiliates, according to MasterWorks Investment’s marketing materials.   

Investing with MasterWorks– Affiliate membership with MasterWorks Investment appears to be free.   

A $100 commitment is required to fully participate in the linked income opportunity.   

You must invest $30,000 or more to maximize the compensation scheme.   

MasterWorks Conclusion– MasterWorks Investment claims to create external money through a jumbled-up collection of copied and pasted paragraphs. It’s not worth the trouble.   

Almost everything on MasterWorks Investments’ website is a template copy or plagiarized from another source.   

The scheme’s perpetrators are simply operating a Ponzi scheme.   

Running a search for MasterWorks Investment on the SEC’s Edgar database using the given false SEC incorporation certificate is the quickest approach to verify this.   

Nothing happens, of course.

As with many MLM Ponzi scams, once affiliate recruiting stops, fresh investment stops as well.   

This will deprive MasterWorks Investment of ROI revenue, leading to its eventual demise. 

Ponzi schemes are mathematically guaranteed to lose money to the majority of participants when they collapse.

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