As far as he is concerned, IX Inversor has gone into liquidation and declared its demise, according to him.

In order to disseminate the information, a company-sponsored webinar was held on Monday. An ongoing regulatory investigation has found that IX Inversors arrived in Ecuador earlier than the country’s Superintendencia de Bancos had previously stated.

Ecuador’s primary monetary authority issued a fraud alert for IX Inversors in January.

The Superintendencia de Bancos announced on March 29 that it had sent its findings to the Monetary and Financial Evaluation Unit the day before (UAFE).

The UAFE is an unit that investigates money laundering and monetary crime.

An entirely new phase has been added to the investigation into IX Inversors and Hernandez. Instead of admitting that Ecuadorian authorities had been looking into him for money laundering, Hernandez presented the fall of IX Inversors as a liquidation.

IX, on the other hand, follows suit. Inversor’s brief return fits this bill. Unfortunately, the expected outcome did not materialize. Because of a recent decision, this project is likely to be terminated. It will be taken over by a different company. Those who didn’t receive a refund will be compensated after the accounts have been evaluated.

The typical promise of Ponzi schemes is to return the money of their investors. It’s impossible from a mathematical standpoint.

According to Hernandez, the company’s demise was caused primarily by “disloyalty and software program points.” A large number of IX Inversors victims in Ecuador reportedly gave up their very own homes and vehicles in order to invest with the scheme’s help.

In December, we discovered IX Inversors to be a classic Ponzi scheme, promising investors a 300 percent return on their investment.

Traders in Alexander Hernandez’s Ponzi scheme are said to number “roughly 450,000,” according to the Ponzi scheme’s CEO and co-founder.

IX. Inversor losses are unknown until Ecuadorian authorities complete their investigations into the situation.

According to rumors, Hernandez may have already left Ecuador. This information has yet to be confirmed.

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