EON is a crypto MLM.

President and CEO, George Goodman He entered MLM in 2020 as President and CEO of Xifra.

Xifra is a Ponzi scheme in which buyers are promised a 200 percent return on their $100,000 investment. Shortly after the sport’s debut, Goodman appeared in a few commercial videos. From Guadalajara, Mexican-American George Goodman will introduce his new platform to the world on February 18, 2022.

Guadalajara is a good fit for Xifra. Continue reading to learn more about EON’s MLM prospects. Most people don’t see EON’s products.

Affiliates may only promote their EON affiliate membership. EONA Construction Wage EON associates can earn a 300 percent return on cryptocurrency investments over a 20-month period.

Cost-free method Second, TDT 250 1 minute equals 350 USDT500 TRY per hour 1000 US dollars – Quantity Spending 1500 USDT over the week The monthly charge is $3000. 5000 USDT/year. TLUSTRUM: A yearly payment of $10,000 USDTLUSTRUM: 15000 USDT Individual $30,000 USD $100,000 USDTA 250,000 USDT In addition to tether, EON also accepts bitcoin as a fee.

When you invest in bitcoin, you get EON “inner tokens.” This inner token earns returns until a bitcoin withdrawal is initiated. EON’s MLM branch rewards contributors.

EON’s pay structure has eleven tiers. This is what they need: To become an EON member, you must first join the EON Associates program and deposit $250 USD. Set aside $250 USDT, personally recruit two affiliates, and generate $1,000 USDT in your E2 downline.

Make a downline investment of 3,000 USDT with a $250 USDT minimum funding. By investing $500 or more, keeping three personally recruited affiliates, and investing $5,000 total downline as an E4, you’ve attained the fourth level of earning potential and earnings potential. In order to participate in Chronos 10, you must have at least 3000 USDT in funding, 4 affiliates (two E3 or higher), and 20,000 USDT in downline funding.

Chronos 50 requires a minimum investment of $5,000, the retention of four personally recruited affiliates (three E4), and a total downline investment of $100,000. Individually recruited affiliate investments of 20,000 USDT are required for Chronos 100 members. Make at least 30,000 USDT in private recruited affiliate funding and 2,500,000 USDT in total downline money for the Chronos 200 degree.

To become a Chronos 500, you must attract and retain seven affiliates (4 Chronos 100 or higher), generate 40,000 USDT in personally recruited affiliate funding, and earn 12,000,000 USDT in total downline investments.

By retaining seven directly recruited associates (4 Chronos 200 or above), you can earn 50,000 USDT in private funding and 100,000,000 USDT in total downline funding with EON. Associates must have invested to earn a rank.

Referral commissions are paid by EON using a single-level compensation structure. They are placed at the top of their unilevel staff (level 1), and every new member is placed directly behind them when they recruit new members.

Associates recruited by degree 1 members are placed on their unilevel staff second degree. If any degree 2 associates join new associates, they’re placed on degree 3 and so on. Staff ranges paid at unilevel are limited to four by EON.

Profit from a percentage of your total cryptocurrency investment depending on your rank. Associate E1 receives a 10% discount on degrees. (self-selected friends) In the E2 tier, associates make 10% on their first degree and 4% on each subsequent degree. E3s earn 10% on level one and 4% on levels two and three. Associates E4 and higher receive 10% on their first degree and 4% on each subsequent degree.

As Chronos 10 and better rise through the ranks, remaining commissions become available. All associates with a Chronos rating of 10 or higher receive residual commissions. Every member of Chronos 10 gets 3% on ranges 1-10. Associates in the Chronos 50th percentile gain 3% in each of the first through twentieth tiers, respectively.

Chronos 100 associates get a 3% commission on 1-50. From 1 to 100, top Chronos employees get 3% of their total income. Chronos 500 affiliates get a 3% commission for 1 to 200 ranking positions. All unilevel staff ranges are available to EON-rated associates. Chronos 10 or higher associates get the following one-time rank achievement bonuses: EON will award $250,000 to those who qualify at Chronos 500 and Chronos 200.

Contrary to what is said above, rank achievement bonuses are paid in cryptocurrency (not discussed). Enrollment in the EON affiliate program requires a tether or bitcoin investment of $250,000.

Free EON affiliate membership is available, but I’m not sure who it’s for, given that recruiting new members is essential to earning commissions. This crypto bro uses the term “Ponzi scheme.” If you’re reading EON’s marketing, you may safely ignore the crypto terms and guarantees. You are an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme.

This investment will return 300 percent per month for the next 20 months. Refunds are only granted upon request, which is completed by a rational contract and a meaningless inner token. Watch out for EON associates who claim to be withdrawing to gain your trust.

Even though EON is withdrawing funds, the company cannot pay out more cash than it invests. Most EON associates will never be able to recoup their initial investment, let alone produce long-term earnings. The fact that EON is a Ponzi scheme should not be a surprise, given that George Goodman came from the 200 p.c ROI Xifra scheme.

EON’s MLM program is a pyramid scheme that pays affiliate buyers commissions. All MLM Ponzi schemes run out of money once affiliate recruiting ceases.

It will eventually lead to the demise of associates who will be starved of ROI. Ponzi schemes’ arithmetic assures that practically everyone loses money when they fail.

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