The Russian Central Financial Institution sent a letter to Edain warning him of a pyramid scheme scam.

“Edain displays symptoms of a monetary pyramid,” was CBR’s March 30th warning to Edain.

Both “store.zixxar.internet” and “” have been connected to Edain in the CBR’s warning.

The Zixxar area appears to have Edain’s back-office capabilities.

Only Austria is listed as a major source of traffic (15%) for Austrian websites by Alexa.

The first page of Edain’s website to be found is titled “” Since the beginning of February, the number of tourists has steadily decreased.

Hardy F. Schloer, a co-founder of Edain, is one of the numerous people behind the smart-contract Ponzi fraud.

According to our Edain review from November, Ukrainians were the most likely to have come from that country (46 percent).

Edain’s recruiting may have ended in Ukraine prior to Russian intervention.

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