A Ponzi promotional occasion has been introduced by GSPartners.

The event in April will be hosted in the hometown of GSPartners’ prime US promoter, and Josip Heit is anticipated to attend. The Georgia Aquarium is the placement for GSPartners’ occasion on April twenty-third, in line with the flyer.  

“The price of every ticket is $60. The first ever GSPartners gathering in the US! Our CTO, Alexandru Cocindau, will present a technical session; an Advisory Board Member, Dirc Zahlmann, will deliver a speech; and our Chairman of the Board, Josip Heit, will deliver a keynote presentation, adopted by remarks from our World Ambassadors.” Hiet has dubbed it the “Lydian World Tour,” even though it’s largely a GSPartners Ponzi promotion event.

As Lydian World is one of GSPartners’ much less well-known companions, this can be a try to keep away from the highlight. Michael El Dalcoe, GSPartners’ prime promoter and net-winner both globally and in the US, lives in Atlanta, Georgia.  

Whether the Georgia Aquarium is sponsoring a Ponzi promotional event or not, it shouldn’t be obvious right now. Ponzi schemes run by GSPartners are facilitated by its G999 token and several other spin-off tokens (of which Lydian World is one).

GSPartners’ website acquired nearly all of its site visitors from the US until just recently. In line with Alexa, the US has a 33% share of the market in Belize (48%). The USA continues to be the Lydian World’s hottest nation of origin (64%).

It is lower than a couple of weeks earlier, indicating a lower number of new buyers coming to the US. GS Companions, Josip Heit, and Michael El Dalcoe aren’t registered with the SEC, even though nearly all of the buyers are believed to be US residents.

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