Argentine authorities have detained Era Zoe splinter group member Maximiliano Batista.

In the wake of his political persecution arguments failing, Leonardo Corsitorto has taken refuge in religion.   

Era Zoe has Batista as its deputy leader. European police had tracked down and arrested Batista, who was on the run from them. Last Thursday, authorities conducted a raid on the home of Batista’s daughter.    When Batista’s lawyer heard this, he stated that he could return to Argentina and surrender.

Only 12 hours after his arrival, Batista was taken into custody. Leonardo was born in Argentina. 

Where can Era Zoe’s founder, Cositorto, be located? After discovering Cositorto’s whereabouts in Colombia, he was convinced he was being investigated because of his political views.  “I’m free to go wherever I want, but I’m currently avoiding Colombian cities due to a political issue: they took some images of me at a public political event and used them against me.”

First elected to the Colombian senate, Cositorto seemed to be an independent. In any event, it appears that faith has taken the place of that as a rationale. Informacion reported on a March 20 webinar in which Cositorto was disguised as an “evangelical pastor.” “Jehovah is your partner” and “God may give us 10 times more than what we have now,” Cositorto told his audience, many of whom may be Era Zoe customers.   

As an alternative to the simple math that ensures the implosion of every Ponzi scheme, the failure of Era Zoe is now being attributed to “Satan.” The betrayals within the church have been revealed to him, and he tells his “brothers, leaders, and ministers” about them to ensure that the evil-doers will eventually “flip” their wicked intentions to the individuals.   

You’ll have already crossed over into a new world and a new dimension.”Those who doubt their faith are inconstant and their peace or happiness will not diminish,” he says.

Prosperity comes from above, “he adds. According to the Argentine, “Satan is the liar who manages the secret powers right here on Earth, who splits and divides the brothers in opposition to one another, who inserts leprosy in our lives, and who now needs to undermine our identity as believers.”   

For the second time, he attributes his predicament to the “violent onslaught that they have been executing from many sites in the direction of me, because I am a believer.” By chance, they show us a supposed scam while also teaching us about the Bible.   

“What purpose does it serve to wrongfully expel, disparage, or remove Christianity from the public arena? At the same time, many people should keep their lips shut until they realize that God is supporting the organization,” says Cositorto. “In addition to everything Satan took away from each of us, God says he’ll mend everything, uphold his word, and reassemble you. He said this as we speak.”

Immediately following the demise of Era Zoe, Cositorto launched Dawn Coach, a Ponzi scheme based on the same model.    As of the time of this writing, Dawn Coach has yet to honor any buyer withdrawal requests.   

However, why Colombian authorities haven’t taken Costitorto into custody is still a mystery to us all.

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