On its website, EminiFX does not list ownership or executive information.  

It was registered on September 20th through an incomplete address in New York.  This appears to match EminiFX’s website’s New York street address.  

Aside from the address (a multi-story building EminiFX does not own), the domain registration information is likely fraudulent.  

EminiFX’s only marketing video is stock material with a non-native English narration.    I did locate some bogus EminiFX employee profiles. They aren’t worth noticing or discussing.    

According to Alexa, the United States is its only significant source of traffic (94 percent).  Always think twice about joining or giving money to an MLM firm that isn’t honest about who runs or owns it. 

EminiFX Items EminiFX offers passive returns starting at $99:  $99-$499 for the Starter Package Bronze Package ($500–$249 USD) $2500–4999 for the Silver Package The Gold Package ranges from $5000 to $9999. $20,000-$24,999 Platinum Package Package of 25,000-49,999 rubies Sapphire Package ($50,000-$99,999) $100,000–249,999 for the Emerald Package Executive Diamond Package ($250,000–$499,999) Executive Diamond Package: $500,000-$999,999 $999,999 The Crown Ambassador Package Founders must spend at least $2,000 to be eligible for the Crown.

Ambassador Package All bundles cost $29.99 per month.Fees equal 30% of earned returns.  On top of that, EminiFX charges a 0.5 percent fee on all deposits and withdrawals.    EminiFX also provides a trading bot that may be linked to a trader’s account.    

Traders using their own accounts on EminiFX pay $3 to $25 each trading lot.  EminiFX’s Pay Plan EminiFX pays commissions on both automated and manual trading.  So let’s start with automated trading commissions.  

The last pay category is own account trading commissions.  Commissions Automated Trading EminiFX’s affiliate program has eleven levels.  They are as follows, with their respective qualifications:  Associate – Invest $99 or more as an EminiFX affiliate, then recruit and retain three personally recruited Associates.

Platinum Associate – invest $500 and generate a downline investment volume of $25,000 (no more than $15,000 from any one recruitment leg). Jr. Executive – personally invest $2500, generate $250,000 in downline investment volume (no more than $150,000 from a single recruitment leg), recruit and maintain one Platinum Associate Senior Executive – personally invest $5000, generate $1,000,000 in downline investment volume (no more than $450,000 from a single recruitment leg), recruit and maintain one Executive or two Jr. 100 000 Crown Founder Ambassador – personally invest $500,000, generate $200,000,000 in downline investment volume (no more than $90,000,000 from one recruitment leg), and recruit and maintain one 2 Star Ambassador and one 1 Star Ambassador Note that required recruitment ranks may be higher.  

Automated Trading Fees (referrals)  EnimiFX pays a referral fee on automated trading.  Refer a Starter Package and get $10, a Bronze Package gets $50, a Silver Package gets $125, a Gold Package gets $250, and a Platinum Package gets $500. Refer a Ruby Package and get $1250, a Sapphire Package gets $2500, and an Emerald Package gets $5000. Earn $15,000 for referring an Executive Diamond Package.

Refer a Founders’ Executive Diamond Package and get $25,000 Earn $50,000 for referring a Crown Ambassador Package. These packages are available to retail consumers and affiliates.  Package upgrades also offer referral commissions, paid out as the difference between the upgraded packages.   

 A matching bonus is provided on downline affiliate referral commissions.    EminiFX gives referral commission matching incentives on a single level.  (Level 1): A unilevel pay system positions an associate at the top of a unilevel team, directly under them.    All affiliates recruited by level 1 are placed on the original affiliate’s unilevel team.  

If any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates, they are promoted to level 3, and so on indefinitely.  There are seven unilevel team levels in EminiFX.  5% (affiliates personally recruited)2% (levels 3–5)1% (levels 6 and 7). 0.50% (commissions on trading revenue) EminiFX pays unilevel team affiliates a commission on trading proceeds.  

EminiFX has nine unilevel team commission caps:  1–5% rangelevels of 2–2%3 to 5 – 1% levels6 and 7 – 0.5%8 and Weekly trading revenue commissions range from 9 to 0.25 percent.  Fees for automated trading (monthly fee commissions) All automatic trading commission customers pay $29.99 each month.  These commissions are paid monthly by EminiFX.  

Nine unilevel team levels pay monthly residual commissions.  levels of 1–5%levels of 2–2%Levels of 3 to 5 – 1%6.5% and 7.5%Trading Robots:8 to 9 a.m. Affiliates that sell three bronze or above automated trading packages within 45 days earn $150.  

The bonus is $750 if the sold bundles are silver or higher.  It is possible to earn both bonus tiers simultaneously or sequentially (a 45-day limit applies regardless). The Rank Bonus for Automated Trading Following are EminiFX’s Rank Achievement Bonuses for Platinum Executive and above affiliates: qualify as a Platinum Associate and receive $150 qualify as a Junior Executive and receive $750 qualify as an Executive and receive $1500 qualify as a Senior Executive and receive $2500 qualify as a Director and receive $10,000 qualify as a Crown Founder Ambassador and receive $300,000 plus acces    Above the level of Junior DirectorAchievement Bonuses are paid weekly (up to four months).   

Automatic Trading Profit Pool EminiFX contributes 10% of quarterly income to the Quarterly Profit Sharing Pool.  The 10% is divided into three smaller rank-corresponding pools:  Senior executives get 2% of the pool. Directors get 3% of the pool. Ambassadors get 5% of the pool. Trading Commissions Own account trading commissions are based on EminiFX’s fees per transaction lot.  

Fees range from $3 to $15 for each trade lot.  EminiFX pays own account trading commissions using the same unilevel compensation system.  Trading commissions are capped at five unilevel team levels.  A percentage of fees collected throughout these five levels is paid as follows:  Level 1 (recruited affiliates) – 15%; Levels 2–5 – 2%   Become an EminiFX member.

Initially $49.95, then $9.99 per month.  If an affiliate invests in automatic trading, they lose their money plus a $29.99 monthly charge.  EminiFX Ending EminiFX is a pyramid scheme and a securities fraud.  The bulk of traders are affiliates, creating a pyramid of recruitment.Because I couldn’t validate EminiFX’s retail option, I removed the trading from the compensation scheme.  

It is still feasible to sign up for a package, pay $29.99, and avoid the affiliate fee.  Regardless, EminiFX is a great place to invest passively.As a result, most investors are also affiliates.  Because EminiFX’s returns are passive, securities fraud is possible.This is true for both automatic trading and self-hosted trading accounts. 

Securities offered are passive investments.They must be registered with the financial regulators.  In the US, that would be the SEC, which EminiFX is not.On the face of it, EminiFX is illegal in its largest investor market.  Also, the automated returns portion of EminiFX is probably a Ponzi scheme.  

The latest technology, dubbed “Robo-Assisted Advisor Account (RA3)”,  Trading bots are the biggest MLM Ponzi scheme marketing gimmick.A trading bot by itself isn’t a red flag.  When paired with unknown firm owners and securities fraud, EminiFX seems like a Ponzi scheme.  

Remember that shilling for EminiFX does not nullify the scheme’s proven deception.  Scams pay out until they don’t.By then, it’s too late, and the bulk of players have lost.  

EminiFX’s trading bot would not be managed by anonymous admins committing securities fraud if it was legitimate.

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