Joseph Cammarata, the former CEO of Investview, was apprehended as he attempted to flee the United States.

As a result, Cammarata’s bond was revoked, and he is once again behind bars. The DOJ requested Cammarata’s detention after his arrest in November.

On November 3rd, the Department of Justice argued that Cammarata had access to the Internet at the time of his first appearance before a judge. Significant wealth had amassed both inside and outside the United States.

He is the proud owner of a piece of paradise in the Bahamas. If they were ever caught, they had talked about fleeing to the Bahamas with another co-conspirator in the past.

As a result, he frequently visited Colombia, where he owns a business and has a girlfriend. Not to mention the private planes and yachts at his disposal. However, Cammarata was still freed on bail on December 29th, despite the fact that it was considered Cammarata surrendered his passport and other travel documents as part of the conditions of his release.

He agreed that he would not get a new passport or any other travel documents. Cammarata booked “one-way travel from JFK Airport in New York to Bogotá, Colombia, on February 22, 2022” on February 9th, according to the DOJ.

To revoke Cammarata’s bail and issue an arrest warrant, the DOJ submitted an ex parte sealed motion prior to the deadline of February 21, 2019. An arrest warrant was issued on February 21st. Cammarata failed to board his scheduled flight, possibly realizing he was screwed. The 22nd of February has come and gone.

On February 23, 2013, Cammarata surrendered himself to the FBI. Hearings were held on the same day. Cammarata claimed in court that he’d made a mistake when booking the flight. When asked about the reservation, Cammarata didn’t deny that it had been made or that it was for one-way travel to Colombia.

On the other hand, Cammarata insisted that he had made the reservation in his name by mistake while trying to make a reservation for his Colombian girlfriend, JVCB. On February 20, 2022, Delta Airlines sent him an e-mail reminding him to check in, and he only realized his mistake after that. He asserted that he then booked a flight for February 23, 2022, in the name of JVCB. In the DOJ’s view,

Cammarata’s account was fabricated. For some reason, Cammarata believes it was the airline’s automated reservation system that entered the wrong name into his girlfriend’s booking for him. Prior to making a reservation, any experienced traveler, like Cammarata, would be aware that the airline requires the name of the actual passenger in the identifier fields on the Delta Airlines website.

As a result, Cammarata’s girlfriend (identified as JCVB) was unable to board the plane. Cammarata had another flight scheduled for the 27th of February, but neither he nor his girlfriend were able to make it. Instead, on the morning of February 27, 2022, she boarded a flight operated by a different airline to depart the country.

This was presented by the DOJ as evidence that Cammarata had booked Delta tickets for someone other than his girlfriend. On February 9, 2022, Cammarata made a reservation in his own name, either intending to travel himself (and later having second thoughts) or testing the system to see if authorities would notice.

If he were to be discovered, his purchase of a second ticket, which JVCB conveniently ignored, would serve as an absurd defense. An investigation into Cammarata’s girlfriend revealed that she was an illegal immigrant in the United States. His long-term romantic interest, JVCB, has no legal right to enter the United States, and he is aware of this.

His previous attempts to get JCVB a visa have been unsuccessful, so he has brought her into the country outside of a legal port of entry. The defendant smuggled JCVB into the United States from the Bahamas on at least two separate occasions prior to his indictment.

Cammarata’s girlfriend arrived in the United States on December 27th, after his release. She has no proof of legal entry into the United States and no visa to prove it. She was staying at Cammarata’s home in Staten Island, New York, while in the United States.

And the defendant was aware that JCVB had no legal right to enter the United States at the time of the lawsuit. According to Cammarata, his girlfriend traveled to the United States on her own without his permission or involvement.

On November 3, the defendant learned that he had an arrest warrant out for his arrest while en route to the United States from Colombia. Cammarata informed JCVB of his pending arrest via WhatsApp from the plane. JCVB expressed her disappointment at not being able to attend Cammarata due to her lack of a visa. On the basis of the above communication, which was submitted as evidence, the DOJ claims Cammarata’s excuse “strains credibility”.

In a detention hearing on March 10th, the court determined that while out on bail, Joseph Cammarata, the defendant, committed an illegal act, namely alien smuggling. ‘s release conditions have been violated, and this has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Probable cause exists to believe that he will not abide by any condition or combination thereof upon his release. He was returned to prison after his bail was revoked. FDC Philadelphia is currently hosting Cammarata.

On October 17th, he will go on trial.

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