EazyBot does not reveal who owns or manages the company on its website. EazyBot’s website, as I write this, is nothing more than an affiliate login form. Eazybot.com was registered in 2018 as the domain name for the EazyBot website.

It was last updated on December 23, 2021, with an incomplete Dubai, UAE address. Dubai is the world’s center for multi-level marketing fraud. Mohamed Omer Ali claims to be the company’s founder and CEO, according to new information.

Ali claims to have “worked in the elevators and escalators new installation industry” before becoming a crypto bro. I was unable to discover Ali’s involvement with multi-level marketing. According to Alexa, EazyBot’s website currently receives most of its traffic from the United States, 39 percent.

Don’t join or hand over any money to an MLM company unless they are completely transparent about who owns and runs it. The products of EazyBot EazyBot does not offer any commercially available goods or services.

Only the EazyBot affiliate membership can be promoted by affiliates. Compensation for EazyBot. EazyBot sells access to a cryptocurrency trading bot via its website. Trade two cryptocurrencies for free on the same exchange. For novice traders, $250 a year gets you up to ten coins on up to two exchanges.

For $995 per year, Pro VIPs can trade any approved coin on up to five exchanges, as long as those exchanges are approved. Tether is the preferred method of payment (USDT). In order to become an EazyBot affiliate, you must make a minimum investment of $600 in the bot per coin.

You should be aware that EazyBot does not provide a list of coins that are allowed for trading. Updated on March 13th, 2022: An EazyBot marketing video has been shared in the comments below by a reader who reveals tradeable coins.

This list includes tron, ripple, cardano, dogecoin, litecoin, uniswap, and luna as well as ethereum and chainlink. /stop updating EazyBot charges ongoing ROI fees in addition to subscription fees. Affiliates in the free tier pay a 30% fee.

Affiliates on the Pro VIP and Novice tiers pay 20% each. EazyBot’s MLM division compensates affiliates for the subscriptions they bring in. Commissions and bonuses are assumed to be paid in USDT, though this has not been explicitly stated.

Affiliates of EazyBot rank highly. EazyBot has a twelve-tiered compensation plan. They are as follows, along with their respective qualifications: Sign up as an EazyBot affiliate and recruit three other people who each invest at least $600 in the bot as Affiliate Coaches.

Recruit and maintain one affiliate coach for the M1 Trainer Program. Hire and keep two affiliate coaches as part of the M2 Coach program. Three Affiliate Coaches are required for a “Super Affiliate.” Attract and keep one super affiliate as an M1.

Attract and keep two super affiliates for M2. It’s up to you to bring in three Super Affiliates and keep them happy. Becoming and maintaining four Super Affiliates for M3 is the goal of this program. Five Super Affiliates must be found and retained. You can become a Champion Affiliate if you have five M5 Super Affiliates in your downline (personally recruited or not) and generate and maintain a total downline bot investment volume of $500,000! a Crown Affiliate if you have a Champion Affiliate in five separate downline legs (which can be personally recruited or otherwise), and generate and maintain $1,000,000 in total downline bot investment volume.

Commissions for referrals EazyBot pays referral fees down to the second and third tiers of the hiring process (unilevel). Referral commissions are paid as a percentage of the subscription fees paid by Novice and Pro VIP affiliates. Levels 0 and 1 (personally recruited affiliates) 10% Revenue Sharing Commissions at Level 2 Those who have personally recruited affiliates are paid an 8% commission on the ROI fees they collect.

Rank and personal recruitment criteria can increase this by up to twenty levels. Levels 1 and 2 can be unlocked by recruiting one affiliate. Levels 1 to 4 are unlocked by recruiting two affiliates. Unlock the first six levels by recruiting three affiliates. For the first eight levels, you must have four affiliates.

Levels 1 to 10 can be unlocked by recruiting five affiliates. Unlock all levels from 1-12 by recruiting six affiliates. You must recruit eight affiliates to reach the first 14 levels by recruiting seven affiliates. Levels 1–18 can be unlocked by recruiting a total of nine affiliates. Recruit ten affiliates to unlock the first ten levels of Affiliate Coaches’ commissions.

In the first through fifth grades, 8% of the students were 1% on levels 6 to 10. M1 Coaches earn ROI Fee Commissions on their personally recruited Affiliate Coach downline down fifteen levels. On levels 1 to 5, 8 percent of M2 Coaches’ two personally recruited Affiliate Coach downlines earn ROI Fee Commissions; on levels 6 to 15, 1 percent. In the first through fifth grades, 8% of the students were From 6 to 15, 1% of the population, ROI Fee Commissions are earned at the fifteen levels of recruitment by Super Affiliates on all Affiliate Coach downlines they personally recruit.

In the first through fifth grades, 8% of the students were 1% of M1 levels from 6 to 15 Their personal Super Affiliate downline is rewarded with ROI Fee Commissions for a total of eighteen levels of recruitment by the Super Affiliates themselves (Affiliate Coach downlines remain at fifteen levels). In the first through fifth grades, 8% of the students were Only 1% of all M2 levels from 6 to 18 The ROI Fee Commissions earned by Super Affiliates on their two personally recruited Super Affiliate downlines can be traced back to a total of eighteen levels of recruitment (Affiliate Coach downlines remain at fifteen levels). For all of their personally recruited Super Affiliates, M3 Super Affiliates receive ROI Fee Commissions down to a total of 18 levels of recruitment (Affiliate Coach downlines remain at fifteen levels).

On their first four personally recruited Super Affiliate downlines, M4 Super Affiliates receive ROI Fee Commissions down twenty levels of recruitment (remaining Super Affiliate downlines are paid eighteen levels, while Affiliate Coach downlines remain at fifteen levels). Individually-recruited M5 Super Affiliate downlines will receive ROI Fee Commissions for up to twenty levels of recruitment (Affiliate Coach downlines remain at fifteen levels).

Matching ROI fees and commissions: For every 8% of ROI Fee Commissions paid down to two levels of recruitment, EazyBot pays an 8% check match. 8% of the ROI Fee is matchedCommission at the first level third-party commission match for level 2. ROI Fee The Revenue Pool of the Global Champions EazyBot contributes to the Global Champions Revenue Pool by contributing 3% of monthly subscription revenue. As a result of their participation in the Global Champions Revenue Pool, Champion Affiliates are paid each month for their contributions.

A Champion Affiliate is entitled to one share of the Global Crown Revenue Pool for every additional downline leg that has an M5 Super Affiliate in excess of your rank-required five legs. The Global Crown Revenue Pool receives 2% of EazyBot’s monthly subscription revenue. There is a monthly payment to Crown Affiliates for a share of the Global Champions Revenue Pool. Each additional downline leg with a Champion Affiliate after your rank-required five legs generates one additional share of the Founders Club, qualifying you as a Crown Affiliate.

EazyBot contributes to the Founders Club by contributing 5% of monthly subscription revenue. Each of the first 1,000 EazyBot affiliates to join the Founders Club pool will receive an equal share. At the Pro VIP tier, you’ll be able to sign up and qualify for the Super Affiliate program.

Making use of EazyBot There are three levels of EazyBot affiliate membership available: free of charge. Beginner – $225 per year An annual subscription to Pro VIP is available for $995. Increased income potential comes with increased spending by EazyBot affiliates. The conclusion of EazyBot There appears to be a flood of low-cost trading bots flooding the MLM underbelly with EazyBot.

Because Mohamed Omer Ali didn’t just code a trading bot out of thin air, it’s obvious that he’s collaborating with others. Dubai is an ideal location for this kind of scam. In addition to being EazyBot’s top source of traffic, the majority of the promotion I saw was coming from the United States. EazyBot is a typical MLM trading bot scheme. To use EazyBot’s bot, affiliates must first sign up, pay a fee (or face higher ROI fees), and then link their trading account to the bot. EazyBot’s opportunity is a securities offering because of the passive nature of the generated returns.

In the United States, neither EazyBot nor Mohamed Omer Ali have an SEC registration number. Or, for that matter, any jurisdiction’s financial regulator. At the very least, EazyBot is guilty of securities fraud. Ponzi logic also fails the EazyBot business model. No one who has a bot worth their salt is going to give it away for nothing.

Even if EazyBot’s bot turns out to be everything they claimed, it’s better to run it quietly with your own funds rather than risk customer support and regulatory scrutiny. Despite this, we’re still here. According to us, EazyBot is a “lulz can’t touch our money!” scheme. Investors are misled into believing that their money is safe, when in reality, the owner of the bot has complete control over the funds.

What a load of bullshit! Exit scams typically involve blowing up the bot or manipulating the trades. Trades that benefit the administrator are executed in both scenarios. A variety of exit-scam excuses are offered to investors, and the end result is that investors’ accounts are empty. Because it’s a crypto bot, it’s possible that investors will be left with a random shitcoin in their wallets after investing.

EazyBot’s MLM program is structured as a pyramid scheme, with compensation based on the number of new affiliates who sign up and pay a yearly fee.

Most MLM trading bot schemes fail within a few months of being launched. Even if EazyBot succeeds, security fraud, pyramid fraud, and allowing scammers in Dubai to access your money are still issues.

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