In the cryptocurrency world, COTP stands for “Cryptos OTC Trading Platform.” It’s an MLM company specializing in the cryptocurrency market.

COTP’s website contains no reliable information about the company’s ownership or management. COTP, on the other hand, provides stock images of fictitious executives: Despite the fact that COTP’s CEO is the “Jane Jenny” depicted above, the only marketing video for the company features a different CEO: COTP has a hard time keeping their stories straight.

“Technical Director” is what Dariush’s script calls for him to say. To give the appearance of legitimacy, COTP provides an MSB registration with a FINCEN certificate. Offshore scammers often use bogus information to apply for these types of loans.

In this instance, COTP has chosen to incorporate as a shell company in the state of Colorado. The incorporation of the Cryptos OTC Trading Platform was done under false pretenses on October 14th, 2021.

Feng Yan is referred to as the company’s owner. It’s highly unlikely that someone like this exists. An unrelated mail forwarding service is located at the address used to incorporate COTP in Colorado and on their MSB registration (i.e., virtual address).

MLM due-diligence does not require basic incorporation or anything from FINCEN. The source code of COTP’s website reveals that the site was built with the Chinese language in mind. This strongly suggests that COTP is being run out of China or a neighboring country, at the very least. COTP’s website currently receives only traffic from the United States, according to Alexa (25 percent). On the domains “” and “,” COTP operates two websites.

In 2019, COTP registered its.COM domain name for the first time. The current owner(s) purchased the domain name on February 8th, 2022. On October 2nd, 2021, COTP’s.NET domain was first registered.

On February 9th, 2022, the registration was last updated with an incorrect Singapore address. Don’t join or hand over any money to an MLM company unless they are completely transparent about who owns and runs it.

The products of COTP There are no products or services that can be sold by COTP. Affiliates can only promote COTP affiliate membership. It’s COTP’s Payroll Policy.

Affiliates of COTP put their trust in the company’s promise of a return. In order to receive the maximum daily return, affiliates must manually invest every two hours. COTP can provide daily returns of between 3% and 4% to promoters, but no specific ROI rates are provided. Invested tether (unilevel) pays referral commissions down three levels of recruitment at COTP: affiliates who were personally brought in by the affiliate manager. Level 2 is 10%, Level 3 is 5%, and so on. In order to join the COTP COTP affiliate program, you do not have to pay a fee.

An investment of tether is required to fully participate in the attached income opportunity. The smallest amount that can be reinvested is 9 USDT. I believe this is also the minimum investment amount required at the start of the program.

COTP’s Final Words According to the appearances, the Ponzi scheme is run out of Southeast Asia. There is a two-hour window in which affiliates can sign up, invest in cryptocurrency, and watch their earnings grow. In order for subsequent investors to benefit, returns aren’t realized until withdrawals are made.

Trading Ponzi schemes are used by COTP. COTP is a blockchain-based over-the-counter (OTC) market and cryptocurrency exchange. We offer a more open and safe trading environment, and use AI-based intelligent algorithms to match users with the best orders.

COTP doesn’t provide any evidence that it’s trading. Audited financial reports submitted to financial regulators would serve as such evidence. This legal requirement cannot be satisfied by shell company incorporation, FINCEN certificates, backoffice numbers on a screen, or YouTube videos. The Ponzi logic test is also failed by COTP. COTP’s owner(s) would employ a trading bot capable of a 3% to 4% daily return on investment.

Compounding at 3% to 4% per day can turn even a small amount of money into a substantial fortune. As a result, anyone with an internet connection is able to access the service, which is obviously irrational. Toss in stock photo scams and securities fraud, and you’ve got a classic multilevel marketing (MLM) crypto-Ponzi scheme.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, new investment will dry up once affiliate recruitment stops. This will eventually lead to COTP’s demise as a result of a lack of ROI revenue.

In the event of a collapse, Ponzi schemes are mathematically guaranteed to cause the majority of investors to lose money.

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