Givvo is launching Ultron, a new product. It’s a little weird how it’s being rolled out. It was formerly housed on Givvo’s website, but now Ultron is being launched as a stand-alone opportunity: Until recently, that subdomain was fully functional.

It has now been turned off. According to my research, Givvo does not have a dedicated website. Regardless, we’ve established a connection with Givvo. It is said that Givvo intends to “fix the fact that 99 percent of individuals never win at life.”

One of GIVVO’s primary goals is to fulfill everyone’s deepest wants while also making the world a better place. Givvo describes itself as a fundraising platform for “humanitarian groups” that do not reveal their donors’ identities.

Licensed humanitarian organizations are supported by GIVVO’s “Donations Campaign.” When the campaign is over, we’ll show you how the money was put to good use. An e-commerce platform with a donation backend, Givvo is simply an e-commerce platform.

You can earn “donate points” by making purchases on their platform. There are pre-planned campaigns for the distribution of donation points. I believe that what Givvo is doing is converting customer cashback into charitable contributions.

Givvo has a built-in referral program: Givvo’s website currently has 2.8 million unique visitors per month, according to Alexa. A little goes a long way, but it’s not much. When it comes to who owns Givvo, and by extension, Ultron, no information is given.

As stated in the “campaign regulations” section of Givvo’s website, Prizer22 LTD is being used as a shell corporation to run the campaign. A red flag is an MLM business that claims to be based in the United Kingdom. For small businesses, cheap and unregulated incorporation in the United Kingdom is a godsend.

As a further complication, the UK’s primary financial authority, the FCA, does not aggressively regulate MLM-related securities fraud. Consequently, the UK is a popular location for scammers to set up, run, and promote fraudulent businesses.

For MLM due-diligence purposes, incorporation in the United Kingdom or FCA registration is of no significance. The official Facebook pages of Givvo are run out of Slovakia and Slovenia, respectively. It’s in keeping with the company’s e-commerce platform, which is set up in euros.

Givvo’s YouTube channel posted an event video in September 2021: In the video, Matej Cifra, a Slovakian YouTuber, appears. This is the YouTube channel managed by Cifra. In Givvo or Ultron, I couldn’t find out if Cifra was connected in any way.

Tobias Sukenik, a key figure in Givvo, was introduced to me through Cifra. TBF International, a CBD MLM company, was co-founded by Sukenik in 2019. Kannaway acquired TBF International in 2020.

According to the BusinessForHome article referenced above, Michal Kyselica and Michal Prazenica are the other two co-founders of TBF International. Although Kyselica appears to have moved on, Michal Prazenica is still listed as the CEO of Givvo on LinkedIn.

According to a reader of BehindMLM, the BeReal Estate Ponzi scheme was linked to Sukenik and Prazenica in 2018, before they co-founded TBF International, by a reader of us. I just noticed that another reader (comment # 27) had already linked Sukenik and Prazenica to Givvo, which would have saved me some work.

At the time, it was October 2021. Because I lacked access to information about Givvo’s business plan, I was unable to write a review. More than one person has asked for a review of Givvo/Ultron.

This time around, I was able to comply with your request. Tobias Sukenik and Michal Prazenica are both based in Dubai, according to their social media profiles. Scammers go to Dubai since the country has few extradition agreements and no laws governing MLM-related securities fraud.

Dubai is considered by BehindMLM to be the world’s MLM scam capital. Any MLM organization situated in Dubai or employing Dubai-based executives should be avoided at all costs.

Dubai, Slovakia, and Slovenia are the locations of Givvo and Ultron’s business operations. Don’t join or send over any money to an MLM firm unless they are completely transparent about who owns and runs it. The Products of Ultron Ultron doesn’t have anything you can buy in a store.

Affiliates can only promote Ultron affiliate membership. Compensation for Ultron On the promise of advertised returns, Ultron affiliates invest in ULTRON tokens.

Affiliates can purchase Ultron tokens in three packages for one penny each. There are three price ranges: $500, $1,500, and $5,000. Bonus ULTRON tokens are included in all packages. Tokens purchased using ULTRON are held in escrow by the company until the advertised returns are received.

How long an affiliate holds on to their Ultron tokens determines the amount of profit they will receive: 0.2% per day for the first year, 0.1% for the second year, and 0.5% for the third year, the fourth year. Per day, 0.025 percent A daily rate of 0.012 percent is used.

Ultron’s MLM offers commissions on token purchases made by affiliates who have been recruited. The Ranks of Ultron Affiliates Ultron’s pay scheme has fifteen affiliate ranks. They are as follows, along with their respective qualifications: Ultron tokens can be purchased by registering as a partner.

In order to be an active partner, you must earn €100 in accumulated weaker binary team volume. Ensure that the weaker binary team side generates 2500 EUR in aggregate volume. The master goal is a binary team side volume accumulation of 5000 EUR. team manager generate 15,000 EUR from the weaker binary team volume over time. 40,000 EUR in cumulative weaker binary volume on the team side.

75,000 EUR in accumulated weaker binary team side volume can be generated by the Regional Manager. The Executive Director is expected to develop a side volume of accumulated weaker binary teams of 200,000 Euros.Create 200,000 EUR worth of weaker binary team volume.

Double With the Diamond Director, generate 1,000,000 EUR in accumulated weaker binary team side volume. As Vice President, generate 2,500,000 EUR in cumulatively inferior binary team side volume! Produce a side volume of collected weaker binary teams of 15,000,000 EUR, Mr. President of the World. Throughout the year, Star PresidentLegend-amass 50,000,000 EUR of weaker binary team side volume.

Commissions for referrals Token packages acquired by Ultron affiliates are sold at a 10% commission to Ultron affiliates. Recurring Payments A binary compensation mechanism is used by Ultron to pay residual commissions. There are two sides (the left and right) to every binary team, and each side has its own pay scheme. The binary team has two slots on the first level.

These first two positions are divided into another two positions each to produce the binary team’s second level (4 positions). Each successive level of the binary team contains two times as many slots as the preceding level, allowing for as many tiers of the binary team as needed.

Direct and indirect affiliate recruitment is used to fill positions in the binary team. You should keep in mind that binary teams can go infinitely deep. New investment volume on both sides of the binary team is counted by Ultron once a week. A 10% commission is granted to binary team affiliates based on the volume generated on the weaker side of a binary team.

You should know that the amount of residual commissions you can earn each week depends on your rank: Up to €1000 EUR can be earned by partners. Masters allows Active Partners to earn up to €3000 EUR. Managers of teams can earn up to 5,000 euros each year. President managers can earn up to €7500 EUR. Regional managers can earn between €10,000 and €15,000 per year. Up to €12,000 EUR can be earned by Executive Directors. Up to €20,000 can be earned as a Diamond Director.

At least €30,000 per year can be earned by Double Diamond Directors. Vice Presidents can earn up to €40,000 per year. €50,000 EUR is the maximum amount that presidents can earn. Global CEOs can make up to €75,000 each year. It is possible for a star president to make up to 175,000 euros.

Up to €350,000 EUR may be earned by legends in the game. A binary team’s volume is matched and flushed once it has been paid out. The following week will be used for any unused volume. Bonuses for Complementary Investments Using a unilevel compensation plan, Ultron provides a matching bonus.

When an affiliate recruits new members, they are placed at the head of their unilevel team (level 1), and each new member is placed right under them (level 2). Affiliates recruited by level 1 members are placed on the second level of their unilevel team. In theory, there may be an unlimited number of levels of affiliates if any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates. The Matching Bonus is capped by Ultron at seven levels for a single-level team. Team affiliates receive a percentage of their residual commissions, called the Matching Bonus. An Ultron affiliate’s rank determines how many tiers he or she receives the matching bonus on: On level 1, Master and Team Managers receive a 10% bonus (personally recruited affiliates).

At levels 1 and 2, project managers receive a 10% match. A 10% match is given to regional managers on levels 1 to 3. A 10% match is given to executive directors on levels 1 to 4. A 10% match is given to Diamond Directors on levels 1 to 5. Double Diamond Directors receive a 10% bonus at each of the first six levels. A 10% bonus is given to Vice Presidents and higher on levels 1 to 7.

Bonuses for Recruitment Recruiting five Ultron affiliates who purchase a package within 30 days of signing up results in a reimbursement for the Ultron affiliate. Affiliates must purchase packages that are equal to or higher than those purchased by the qualified affiliate.Bonuses for top performers An Ultron Leaders Bonus Pool is created by depositing 5% of corporate sales into the pool.

Divided into four equal halves, the Leaders Bonus Pool is divided into smaller ones. Affiliates of Ultron are entitled to a portion of the lesser leader bonus pools, which are divided according to rank: Managing Directors and managing directors each receive a portion of the manager leader bonus pool. A portion of the President Leader Bonus Pool is allotted to presidents.

A portion of the Legend Leader Bonus Pool is distributed to legendary characters. One-time Rank Achievement Bonuses are given to Ultron affiliates who qualify as Team Managers or above. Earn €500 EUR for qualifying as a team manager, €1200 EUR for qualifying as a president manager, €2500 EUR for qualifying as a regional manager, and €6000 EUR for qualifying as a diamond director, €15,000 EUR for qualifying as a double diamond director, €30,000 EUR for qualifying as a vice president, and €200,000 EUR for qualifying as a star P. The purchase of a €500, €1500, or €5000 EUR ultron token package is required to join the Ultron Ultron affiliate program.

Affiliates can earn more money if they spend more on their bundle. Ultron’s Last Stand There’s evidence of a bitcoin component in a Givvo marketing video from last October: With the help of Ultron, Givvo goes full crypto bro with pyramid recruitment and stock fraud.

However, Ultron’s desire to be a crypto-bro isn’t yet realized. Investment fraud is primed and ready to start. Investing in Ultron tokens and holding them with the company (staking) is how Ultron affiliates earn a passive income. This is a public offering of securities, so it must be registered with the appropriate authorities. Ultron’s e-commerce platform was a failure, hence the company’s returns on invested Ultron are paid with money that has since been invested.

The pseudo-compliance Ultron will come up with to explain this away is a forgone conclusion. This is worthless, however, until regulators get audited financial reports. Ultron’s MLM division compensates for the recruitment of affiliates who make financial investments of their own. Ultron’s MLM opportunity has no retail component, hence recruiting is done through a pyramid scheme.

It’s a two-tiered scam involving a UK shell firm for banking and Givvo, which is controlled by fraudsters in Dubai. Good luck getting your money back from them when Ultron breaks down. Ultron’s marketing literature claims that it’s an “ethereum virtual machine compliant protocol,” hinting at the inevitable exit scam. In my opinion, that ‘s just a way of saying that Ultron is an ERC20 garbage coin.

These can be put up in five minutes and cost nothing or very little. As a point of comparison, on February 9th, the privately registered domain name “” was registered. Givvo’s Ultron reboot looks to have begun at this point. At the time of this writing, Ultron appears to be unavailable for public purchase.

If that’s the case, Tobias Sukenik and Michal Prazenica will exit stage left during Ultron’s exit fraud. This means that Ultron affiliates will be left with tokens that they can’t use. Admins will run off with invested money, leaving affiliates in a sell-off race to the bottom if Ultron is eventually dumped on shady exchanges.

Math assures us that Ultron’s administrators will lose money in Ponzi schemes no matter which path they take.

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