A “bitconnect.co” domain name was purchased in September 2021 by an unidentified third-party. As a result, they’ve transformed it into a Ponzi scheme, which is doing well.

An ad for Bitcoin Prime made me aware that BitConnect’s website domain had been reused. To be fair, Bitcoin Prime is a typical $250 per month Ponzi scheme that steals Amazon’s brand name in the process.

The link to BitConnect’s previous domain grabbed my attention. This year, the proprietor of BitConnect was indicted and is on the run from US authorities, and the company has since folded.

BitConnect’s domain was purchased sometime around September 2021, according to a trip to the Wayback Machine. On September 22nd, 2021, the domain registration was last updated.

The current owners may have purchased the property during this period. On or around December 20, 2021, BitConnect went live with the current version of its website.

As you can see, Bitcoin Prime’s ad listing for the scam is all it is. As it turns out, the new BitConnect website is nothing more than the owner’s attempt to compile a scammers’ directory.

Bitcoin Robots trading platform magazine reviewBitconnect is a leading publication. The rise of cryptocurrency trading has prompted many traders to look for ways to improve their trading and boost their prospects of making money.

Some investors are looking for investment in Bitcoin Robots, which are fully automated systems that aim to maximize profits even for those with no prior experience in crypto trading.

Bitcoin Robots are reviewed by BitConnect, a leading Bitcoin trading platform. One of the most common scams employed by crypto Ponzis is the use of trading bots. As of this writing, BitConnect has received 54 negative reviews for being a scam.

This is a five-star experience for each of the reviewers, who gushes about it. The owner of the domain is hoping that you’ll join up to lose money in them, so it’s not surprising. A simple WordPress site built with Elementor serves as BitConnect’s current online presence.

Nothing noteworthy. Surprisingly, since BitConnect’s repurposed domain became available, traffic has climbed steadily. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d be hard-pressed to not have heard of BitConnect.

This raises the question of who is the intended audience for these reviews. Some of the world’s most illiterate individuals, then. Perfect for luring people into fraud where they can have their money stolen.

So, which country has the unfortunate distinction of being home to the world’s dumbest people? According to Alexa, BitConnect’s website presently receives traffic from only one country,

Pakistan. Sixty-six percent of BitConnect’s traffic comes from Pakistan. The other saps’ origins are unknown to God. The only way I was able to track this person down was through the SEO he or she had been doing for the past month.

After going through them, I discovered a new Blogger profile for “BitConnect Magazine.” If you go to the linked Blogspot blog, the language is set to Vietnamese by default.

BitConnect’s current domain holder is most likely from Pakistan or Vietnam, but this isn’t conclusive.

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