There is a new Ponzi scheme being run by the same people behind Futures Trade and LogicBitInvest. Every 60 days, LogicBitInvest promotes a 2000% ROI. You already know this: Scammers behind the Ponzi scheme sent an email to Futures Trade affiliate investors in an attempt to explain away the collapse of the scheme. Due to recent changes in the withdrawal system, a hacker was able to compromise the website domain, preventing the server from processing withdrawals.

Coded and backed up in our offline database, all funds have been successfully protected. We notified Boris CEO Dylan Clayton that we were aware of his identity. After a few hours, an exit scam was set up. It was the “regulators” ruse that first appeared in the Futures Trading exit-scam. Now, “we’ve been hacked!” is all that’s being said. Dylan Clayton appears to have either died or been kidnapped. And the person who hired him to front Futures Trade is continuing to promote LogicBitInvest, too.

Futures trade customers have been assured that their monopoly money accounts in LogicBitInvest will be restored. They’ll have to fork over an additional $100 to get it, however. The account activation page can be found after completing the registration process and is where you can authorize the transfer of funds. Make a $100 (USD) deposit on your first investment plan on the affiliate website to get started.

Navigate to the request for user tracking link, which is needed to track and verify the user’s account from the encrypted backup that was uploaded to the root server after activation has been completed. On December 10th, 2021, LogicBitInvest’s website domain was privately registered.

LogicBitInvest provides a UK incorporation certificate for “BitcoinTower Limited” in an attempt to appear legitimate. LogicBitInvest is unlikely to have any connection to BitcoinTower Limited, a UK shell company. According to UK corporate records, BitcoinTower Limited was dissolved in March 2021.

Three investment options are available to the public from LogicBitInvest: Invest $10 to $600 and get 10% a day for the rest of your life. The return on investment is 700% after 30 days; the return on investment is 2000% after 60 days if you invest $5000 to $5000.

There are two levels of recruitment (unilevel) for LogicBitInvest commissions: On the first level, 5% (personally recruited affiliates) of the level 2 population As can be seen by clicking on the link, LogicBitInvest’s Facebook page has been removed from the company’s website. Defunct BitCoin Tower accounts appear on LogicBitInvest’s website’s support page, which is odd.

As a result, it’s safe to assume that whoever is running LogicBitInvest was also responsible for Bitcoin Tower. As a result, I began investigating BitCoin Tower. It appears that the LogicBitInvest website template is being used by a Ponzi scheme operating in 2019.

This explains why the UK shell company certificate is no longer valid in the United Kingdom. Only the logo has been altered by the LogicBitInvest con artists.

The majority of LogicBitInvest investors will lose money regardless of whether or not Boris CEO appears on camera.

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