People from all around the world have given money to help those in Ukraine who are suffering due to the ongoing humanitarian catastrophe.

Volunteers generally give because they genuinely want to assist those in need. GSPartners and its owner, Josip Heit, on the other hand, see it as a chance for them to sell themselves. Confrontations with German charitable organizations ensued as a result of this.

Josip Heit claimed to support Ukraine’s “humanitarian action” in Instagram photos that have since been deleted. Heit was unable to donate directly through GSPartners (due to the Ponzi scheme) but made a donation of about €3000 through his media company, Berliner Tageszeitung.

Heit posted a picture of a truck with GSPartners’ branding on the side. The front of the vehicle was emblazoned with the hashtag # G999. GSPartners net-winner Andrew Eaton posted on Facebook on March 2nd, revealing that the destination sign had been faked. Also, Eaton said, “GSB is delivering 60 tons of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.” ” Gold Standard Bank (GSB) is one of the several shell corporations that Heit uses to administer GSPartners.Erol, a car repair company in Potsdam, Germany, organized the gift of GSPartners. His honesty is commendable.

A spokesperson from Erol indicated that GSPartners branding was applied “without approval or knowledge” when they were notified about their Ponzi scam. GSPartners defaced the truck in this picture: Non-branded posters were provided courtesy of GSPartners. It appears that the GSPartners ones were substituted inadvertently. It was attempted twice by a Berlin daily newspaper. We’ve gotten rid of these posters twice. “Berliner Tageszeitung” is the name of the daily newspaper in Berlin.

In the past, Heit purchased a number of failing German media enterprises. In order to show GSPartners ads, he keeps their websites up and running. To be honest, if that were the end of the narrative, I wouldn’t have spent the time writing it. To support the Ukrainian people, Heit made a donation.

At the very least, Ukrainians continue to receive assistance. The Erol representative, on the other hand, continues to respond. In Berlin, we were only joined by the Berlin daily newspaper, which most likely is part of the GSB group of publications.

They made a water donation of roughly $1000. The daily newspaper in Berlin contributed two tank fills. The posters were also given to us, but we did not put up the one advertising GSP. When we learned of the shady advertising, we had it taken down right away.

Only a small amount of money was provided by the Berlin daily newspaper. 60 tons of donations can’t be organized for 3000€. It is adorned with the pen of Potsdam and Berlin’s citizens in this case. In case it wasn’t clear, Erol criticizes GSPartners for claiming ownership of the whole donation pool in the final paragraph. A donation of €3000 is still a donation of €3000.

What’s the point of lying about how much and using it as a promotional tool? Even the event’s organizers were driving rental trucks that had no identification on them. The situation is humiliating, Josip. I decided not to include a contribution link at the conclusion of this piece. Check with your local organizations if you’d like to donate to Ukrainian help.

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