Experts Moment’s website makes no mention of the company’s ownership or management. As I write this, Experts Moment’s public-facing website is nothing more than a login page. The website for Experts Moment is set to Spanish by default.

Experts Moments appears to be run by someone fluent in Spanish. Further investigation reveals that “monroy” is the CEO of Experts Moment in marketing videos: Enrique Monroy is the person who goes by the name “Monroy.” It doesn’t appear that Monroy has ever been involved in multilevel marketing. He presents himself as a Mexican politician on social media sites like Facebook. Here we are with Experts Moment because Monroy’s political career didn’t work out.

Remember to think twice before joining or transferring any funds to an MLM that isn’t completely transparent about who runs or owns it. The Products of Moment’s Experts There are no products or services that can be sold through Experts Moment. Only the Experts Moment affiliate membership can be marketed by affiliates.

Planned Benefits for Experts Moment Affiliates of Experts Moment sign up for the promise of a daily ROI of 2% to 5%. An automated trading bot is used by Experts Moment to generate the company’s returns. There is no charge for the free license, which allows you to invest $150 and take home 50% of the profits. With a $100 license, you can invest $1,000 and receive a 50% return on your investment. A $200 license entitles the holder to a 40% profit split on any investment of $2,000.

Allows you to invest $4000 with 40% profit split; $400 license. With an investment of $8,000 and a 30 percent profit split, a license costs $800. Allows you to invest $16,000 with a 30 percent profit split if you have a $1600 license. Allows you to invest $32,000 with 25% profit split, but only $3200 is required. A license for $6400 is available with no investment minimum and a 20 percent profit split. A $12,800 license with no investment cap and a 20% profit split is available.

There appears to be no difference between the $6400 and $12,800 licenses when it comes to returns. The MLM opportunity offered by Experts Moment pays out commissions on licenses sold to affiliates who are recruited. This is a great time to promote your affiliate links. Experts Moment’s compensation plan has a total of nine ranks.

The following are the requirements for each of them: Become an Experts Moment affiliate by signing up and purchasing a license. If you buy a Bronze license for $200, you can expect to earn $2000 in downline license volume. A Silver license costs $400, while a Gold one costs $800, while a Platinum one costs $1600, and each of these levels has at least three personally recruited Bronzes and one Silver Diamond license costs $3200, while each of these levels has at least four personally recruited Bronzes and one Silver Diamond. Platinum: a $1600 license costs $30,000, while each of these levels has at least two personally recruited Bronzes. Platinum: a $1600 license costs $32,000, while each of these levels has at least three personally recruited Bronzes Commissions for referrals Referral commissions are paid by Experts Moment in the form of a flat rate.

An affiliate is at the top of a unilevel team in a unilevel compensation structure, and every affiliate they personally recruit is directly beneath them (level 1). In the event that any level 1 affiliate is able to bring on new affiliates, they will be promoted to the unilevel team’s level 2. Affiliates in the second tier are automatically promoted to the third tier if they bring in new affiliates.

Experts Moment limits the number of paid unilevel team levels to ten. Per license fee sold, a referral commission of 2.5% is paid out across these ten levels. Experts in Recurring Commissions Moment uses the same ten-level deep unilevel team to pay residual commissions as it did for referral commissions (see above).

The profit split from each affiliate is used to pay residual commissions. Level and rank of a license determines how many levels of residual commissions can be paid out. Affiliates in the free license tier make 16% on level one (personally recruited affiliates) Affiliates who purchase a $50 license earn 16% on the first and second levels. On levels one through three, affiliates earning $100 in license fees earn 16 percent. In levels 1 to 4, affiliates with a $200 license tier who are also bronze earn 16 percent.

Affiliates with a $400 license tier who are also Silver earn 16% on each of the first five levels. Affiliates with $800 licenses who are also Gold members earn a total of 16% on levels 1 to 5, and 4% on levels 6 and up. On levels 1 to 5, a $1600 Platinum affiliate earns a rate of 16 percent, and on levels 6 and 7, a rate of 4 percent. Level 1 to 5: 16 percent; Levels 6 to 8: 4 percent; $3200 Diamond affiliates earn 16 percent. Affiliates with a $6400 license tier who are also Blue Diamonds earn 16 percent on levels 1 to 5 and 4 percent on levels 6 to 9 of the Blue Diamond compensation plan… Level 1 to 5: 16 percent; Level 6 to 8: 4 percent; $12,800 license tier affiliates who are also Black Diamond earn 16 percent.

Rank Accomplishment Bonus: Bonuses for Rank Achievement are given to Moment affiliates only once. At Bronze, you’ll get a $100 gift card; at Silver, you’ll get a pair of Apple AirPods; at Gold, you’ll get a $1,000 gift card; at Platinum, you’ll get a $1,500 gift card; at Black Diamond, you’ll get a $50,000 car; at Presidential, you’ll get a “Dubai trip,” a “$50,000 US dollars car.” The purchase of a license is required to join the Experts Moment affiliate program. unrestricted use Licensing fees of $50 Licensing fees of $100.00 It’s a $200 fee Licensing costs $400 The $800 license Licensing for $1600 a $3,200 automobile owner’s permit Licence for $6400 Licensing costs $12,000 The amount of money an Experts Moment affiliate invests in their license directly affects their earning potential.

Final Words from the Pros The “lulz can’t touch our money!” scheme employed by Experts Moment is a cookie cutter. Pay a fee and connect a bot of unknown origin and control to your trading account, and you’re all set. It’s up to the admins of Experts Moment to decide what to do with the money allocated to the bot.

Supposedly, Experts Moment trades in binary options, forex, oil, gold, stocks, and crypto. Of course, there is no proof of this whatsoever. Jonnathan Alejandro Pilapanta Morales is supposedly in charge of Experts Moment’s trading. Morales is even less well-known on the internet than Enrique Monroy was at the time of his death. Because of the dubious trading claims made by Experts Moment, this is what we’d expect to see.

In the end, if you want to buy into the fictional trading expertise of Experts Moment, you still have to deal with securities fraud. Those who join the Experts Moment pyramid scheme will receive passive income. The passive returns, in whatever form they take, are an offering of securities. This means that Experts Moment will have to register with financial regulators.

Investors should take note of the fact that they must also provide audited financial statements. There is no other way to verify that Experts Moment’s trading bots are doing what they claim. There is no evidence that Experts Moment has been registered with any financial regulators in any country. Assuming this is true, Experts Moment is committing securities fraud and operating illegally at the very least, It is also necessary to bring up the ever-rising license fees, which are a necessary part of moving up the pay scale.

The increase in fees is intended to recoup any money that has been paid out via bots. It’s not a full recovery, but it delays the inevitable demise of Experts Moment. “Lulz has no access to our funds!” bot trading meltdown or a rigged trades exit-scam is the most common way that schemes fail. Affiliates may also be left with a random shitcoin if crypto is involved to the extent that it is. That’s all part of the exit-scam, right? Investigation into “Lulz can’t touch our money!” schemes often results in the response “but I can see the trading.”

Your bank account balance is being updated as you watch the activity. Money stops moving when the show is over. In common sense, whoever is running Experts Moment would be running a magic trading bot capable of making between 2% and 5% a day if they had it.

What’s the point of handing over the golden rooster or paying license fees? A 5 percent-a-day trading bot didn’t just appear under the pillows of a failed Mexican politician and some unknown sidekick, either.

Unfortunately, investor greed often causes them to overlook proper due diligence, resulting in missed opportunities. It’s always a costly mistake, even if they’re not scammers recruiting others to join schemes like Experts Moment.

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