No information regarding the company’s ownership or management can be found on LXPLife’s website. On November 28th, 2021, LXPLife’s website domain ( was privately registered.

Husty Solutions is the name of the GitHub repository where LXPLife hosts their compensation documentation. Husty Network is the account name for the repository. Husty Designs, an MLM crypto fraud factory, is the source of them. We have already examined two Husty Designs frauds, iLearning Crypto and Twin TurboTRX, all of which are operated by the same company.

Freedom Inu and Wokung Inu are two of the scams listed in Husty Designs’ GitHub repository. The owners of Husty Designs are unknown. According to rumors, the company is based in Chennai, India. According to Alexa, LXPLife’s website now receives most of its traffic from the United States (96 percent).

Remember to think twice before joining or transferring any funds to an MLM that isn’t completely transparent about who runs or owns it. All of the products of LXPLife LXPLife does not offer any items or services that can be sold to the general public. Only the LXPLife affiliate membership can be promoted by affiliates.

Affiliates of LXPLife can use what appears to be an ebook library as a benefit of their membership. Discount travel bookings are also available to all affiliates of LXPLife. There are no specifics given. LXPLife’s MLM opportunity has nothing to do with their ebook library or travel booking engine. It is LXPLife’s Compensation Plan. Affiliates of LXPLife invest in BNB in a 2×2 matrix cycler.

There are two spots below an affiliate in this 22 matrix: one at the top and the other at the bottom: The matrices begin with these two points. Second-level matrices are created by dividing the first two positions into two additional slots each (4 positions). Cycles begin when all six of the matrix’s cells have been filled. A cycle pays out commissions and creates a new position in a fresh same-level matrix each time it runs. Matrix roles are filled with payments.

However, to keep things simple, I’ve only included the sums. LXPLife’s cycler has thirteen levels. All tiers work in the same way: you pay a fee, fill a matrix slot with future fee payments, and cash out when the position is filled. The following are the payouts for each of LXPLife’s thirteen cycler tiers: A new Tier 1 position is yours for the taking when you put in $25. A new Tier 2 position is yours when you put in $50 and receive $135, and a new Tier 3 position is yours when you put in $200 and receive $540, and a new Tier 4 position is yours when you put in $400 and receive $1080, and a new Tier 5 position is yours when you put in $820 and receive $2060, plus a new Tier 6 position is yours when you put in $1600 and receive $2000. Each cycle tier must be purchased separately.

Commissions for Referral Referral commissions are paid to LXPLife affiliates when they invest in specified cycler tiers that have been individually recruited by the affiliate. tier Referral commissions start at $25 for Tier 1. Tier 4 offers a $50 referral bonus. Referral commissions start at $100 at level six. Those who refer 8 earn $200 in commissions. A referral commission of $400 is paid out at tier 10.11. It has a referral commission tier that pays out $800. Referral commissions for 12 start at $1,600. 13 offers a $3,200 referral bonus for each successful sale.

Equity Pool for Prosperity The Prosperity Equity Pool receives 0.3 percent of invested funds from LXPLife. Each of Prosperity’s top ten recruiters is given an equal share of the company’s equity pool. A top recruiter receives a 25% share of the Prosperity Equity Pool, a second recruiter a 20% share, a third recruiter a 15% share, and so on down to the eighth recruiter, who receives a 3% share.

This is the end of LXPLife.

Like a Ponzi scheme, LXPLife is a smart contract. Rather than simply admitting it, here’s the sales pitch: Liberating and Healing Nations is at the heart of LXP LIFE’s mission! For those who are struggling emotionally, physically, mentally, or financially, we provide solutions.

Healing is needed in these areas regardless of one’s socioeconomic status. You’re meant for more than just a job and a paycheck. So let us help you realize your true potential as a creator and reclaim the Dominion and Abundance that are rightfully yours.

The only people that profit from MLM Ponzi schemes are the people who set them up and the people at the top of the pyramid. The vast majority of investors will lose money as a result of this. As a cycler Ponzi scam, LXPLife’s matrix will begin to grind to a halt as new members join.

A collapse occurs when enough matrices have halted. This means that the anonymous admin(s) of LXPLife, as well as any remaining invested funds, will be wiped out.

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