We can now confirm that EQT Bank is in fact a reincarnation of the defunct Dragon Global Finance Ponzi scheme. EQT Bank’s owner, Anthony Norman, isn’t using the usual slew of UK shell companies to set up the bank.

As an alternative, he’s turned to the virtual currency known as cryptocurrencies. Even if Dragon Global Finance was responsible for the collapse of the Ponzi, it isn’t clear how much of an impact it had. Regardless, Norman is launching the EQT Bank Ponzi via Universal Pickle this time around.

A shitcoin project called Universal Pickle will be launched in late 2021. Universal Pickle may or may not have Norman’s involvement. It appears that Universal Pickle plans to commit securities fraud in the “partnership announcement” above. As a result of this decision, Universal Pickle PLC will be formed. On March 1st, this company will go public on the stock exchanges. If you’d like to purchase the pre-sale, click here.

One dollar is equal to one share. Because of this, we can infer that Norman is the brains behind Universal Pickle. In other words, it’s the same old UK shell company game, but now with a crypto shitcoin front end. A link to a Jotform form is also included in the partnership announcement.

On behalf of EQT Bank, Universal Pickle is using a bitcoin address that was previously used by Dragon Global Finance: Universal Pickle’s presence here again suggests that Norman is somehow involved. The details of EQT Bank’s Ponzi scheme remain a mystery, aside from the fact that it engaged in securities fraud by soliciting investments in the form of virtual shares.

A weekly passive return on investment of up to $25,000 was promised by Dragon Global Finance.Likquid exchange was used to pay the returns in LIQ tokens. The YEM shitcoin of Wazzub was also included in the compensation scheme.

The demise of Dragon Global Finance is expected to result in the abandonment of LIQ, Likquid Exchange, and YEM, which are expected to be abandoned as a result of Dragon Global Finance’s demise. We don’t know how much Dragon Global Finance has lost so far. I’m optimistic about the future.

Universal Pickle stated that Universal Pickle PLC “will be listed on stock exchanges on March 1st, 2015.” As of this writing, Universal Pickle PLC does not appear to be a publicly traded company.

It is currently being rebuilt, according to the Universal Pickle website. It appears that Norman’s EQT Bank Ponzi relaunch is running late.

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