They do not reveal who owns or runs BF Football on their website. Three years ago, “” was registered as the domain name for BF Football’s website.

On December 19, 2021, the registration was last updated. BF Football’s domain was put up for sale in November 2021 using the Wayback Machine.

This indicates that the domain was acquired a month later, in December, by the current owners. Domain sale information reveals that BF Footballs was acquired from an online Chinese marketplace. As a sign that BF Football’s benefactors are fluent in Chinese, the company’s website is also set in Chinese.

BF Football represents itself as being active in the Philippines, the United States, and Malaysia, respectively. The Philippines appears to be the most significant of these markets. On January 21st, 2022, the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued a securities fraud warning against BF Football.

The BF Football website was still available at the time of publication. Warnings issued by the Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against Philippine companies usually go unheeded. This suggests that BF Football’s benefactors are located in a Chinese-speaking country.

Remember to think twice before joining or transferring any funds to an MLM that isn’t completely transparent about who runs or owns it. Football Apparel by BF There are no products or services that can be sold by BF Football. Only the BF Football affiliate membership can be promoted by affiliates.

Planned Benefits for BF Football An affiliate’s return on investment (ROI) is typically between 2 and 3 percent per day, depending on how much money is invested. There are three levels of recruitment (unilevel) for referral commissions on invested funds. affiliates that you personally recruited – 10% 5% for level 2 and 3% for level 3, respectively The costs of becoming a BF Football BF Football affiliate are not made public. Investing restrictions (minimum/maximum amounts, etc.) apply here as well. BF Football accepts bank card and cryptocurrency payments for investment (tether).

Investing from $300 up to $50,000 is recommended. The BF Football Wrap-Up Bets placed on football games are referred to as BF Football returns. An app is used to accomplish this. The lack of audited financial reports by BF Football is a red flag.

In light of the SEC’s fraud warning, we know that BF Football and its affiliates routinely misrepresent their regulatory registrations. Representatives and agents of BF FOOTBALL claim that not only is the company licensed by the SEC to conduct business in the Philippines, but it also has an official recognition from the country’s government.

As a result, BF Football must be telling the truth about this as well. As things stand, the only source of new funding for BF Football is cryptocurrency investment. BF Football is a Ponzi scheme because it uses new money to pay out dividends.

Recruitment will dry up, as it does in every MLM Ponzi scheme, once the money runs out. As a result, BF Football’s ROI revenue will dry up, leading to its demise. The mathematics of Ponzi schemes ensures that the majority of participants lose money when they collapse.

Without government intervention, it is nearly impossible to recover from a crypto Ponzi scheme. You have even fewer chances when you give your money to Chinese scammers via an app.

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