The Philippine Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a cease and desist order against NWorld. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recognizes NWorld as a division of AlphaNetWorld Corporation.

The Philippines is where both AlphaNetWorld and NWorld are based. The Enforcement and Investor Protection Division of the SEC issued the cease and desist order (EIPD). The order specifies what has to be done. Juluis Allan C.

Nolasco is the president of AlphaNetWorld Corporation, which goes by the name and style of NWorld. Stop selling or offering unregistered securities right now. Back in 2017, An “average” personal care/nutritional supplement product line was discovered.

At the time, I didn’t see anything like investment potential in NWorld, which had a lack of retail concentration. Since our assessment, it appears that NWorld’s MLM opportunity has altered. By conducting a thorough investigation of AlphaNetworld, the EIPD found that it had been selling and offering securities without a Commission license.

Investors in Nworld’s investment packages are entitled to receive Nworld products and guaranteed monthly returns of up to P127,000. This was confirmed by the EIPD. EIPD investigators were shown and told about Nworld’s investing operations by one of the company’s product specialists, Richard Domingo (s). Is there a multi-level marketing supplement company that guarantees returns to affiliates? That should do it. Earlier this month, NWorld received a cease and desist letter from the Federal Trade Commission. In the time it took to write this article,

NWorld’s website was up and running. It appears that NWorld is active in the Philippines, Nigeria, and the United Arab Emirates. ” It’s been more than a year since NWorld’s official company blog was updated. Nothing has been put on the company’s Facebook page since February 24, the day after the SEC issued a cease and desist order.

A June 2019 NWorld company presentation is available on the website. No guarantees of monthly returns were mentioned in the presentation. EIPD claims to have video footage of Juluis Nolasco making the offer, so this must be a recent addition to their collection of evidence. As a result of the SEC’s cease and desist order, we expect that NWorld’s investment scam will finally be put an end to.

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