On the HLBS Network’s website, there is no mention of who owns or controls it. The HLBS s.r.o. footer reveals the company’s European roots by providing an address in Slovakia. Texas-based HLBS Global Marketing US LLC is HLBS Network’s US business, according to what I’ve read.

According to internal documents, a year ago, in 2016, the HLBS Network was born. Further investigation reveals that HLBS Network’s CEO is Peter Gabriel: Gabor’s LinkedIn profile says he’s in Hungary, according to his location information.

HLBS Network looks to be Gabriel’s first MLM business, despite his significant corporate background. Gabriel has previously worked in the hotel, finance, and real estate industries. It’s not obvious why the HLBS Network’s website does not include contact information for its top executives.

HLBS Network is based in Hungary, so it follows that Gabriel is based there as well. Shell company? The Slovak incorporation looks like a front company. The terms and conditions of the HLBS Network reflect this. Because the HLBS s.r.o. Hungarian Branch represents HLBS s.r.o., Hungarian Law governs this publication. learn more about HLBS Network’s MLM opportunity.

The Products of the HLBS Network There are three product categories on HLBS Network’s website: cosmetics, functional foods, and dietary supplement products. Hair, Makeup, and Skincare The HLBS Network sells four cosmetic products: To help the skin regenerate and protect itself, Citrus+ “gently cleanses.” “LH+ Body” cares for all skin types with its precious ingredients that balance the skin’s PH level. “LH+ Face” is a powerful tool in preserving skin youth.

It protects from harmful sun radiation and its liposomal technology guarantees delivery of the active principles to the deepest layers of the skin. “LH+ Spray” –”contributes to skin regeneration and protection” The HLBS Functional Foods Network In the functional foods category, HLBS Network sells two products: Dark chocolate made with “silhouette sugar free dark chocolate with humic acid and psyllium seed husk” as well as “specialty coffee with taurine, guarana, and inulin” is called “Chocodream Premium.” Dietary Supplements from the HLBS Network A total of nine dietary supplements are available through the HLBS Network: CGS12+-a “vegan pill” supplement for general health Citrus Bioflavonoids and Rutin: a vitamin C supplement containing bioflavonoids DPS12 is a protein drink for vegans on the go.” Natural raspberry and vitamin combination”-IS8—” In a double vegan capsule filled with olive oil, DK5 is “vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 in double vegan capsules.”

Natural elements in HMAX8 “make the body stronger and more resistant. They can even increase athletic performance,” according to HMAX8’s official statement. Detoxification, weight loss, and vitamin supplementation are all supported by berry SLM. Astragalus, Ginseng, and Phosphatidyl in Vegan Capsules” is the product description for AAG1. HC80-“humic acid and cordyceps food supplement capsules” According to our research, HLBS Network’s products are all made in Hungary by unaffiliated third parties.

Be aware that none of the products sold by HLBS Network have retail prices listed on them. It’s HLBS Network’s Payroll Policy. Retail sales commissions are paid to HLBS Network affiliates. However, affiliate recruitment is the focus of the majority of the incentive plan.

Qualifications for the Commission As an HLBS affiliate, you must generate at least €100 EUR every month to be eligible for commissions. This is billed as a mandatory monthly expense. It’s not apparent if retail sales volume meets the €100 EUR per month threshold. Affiliate Rankings for the HLBS Network HLBS Network has a three-tiered compensation model.

Their individual qualifications are listed below, along with a brief description of each: Become an HLBS affiliate by signing up and meeting the commission qualification requirements (see above). It’s up to you to recruit and manage seven members of your team. Managers whose qualifications are not made public. Customer Service and Hiring Commission Affiliates of the HLBS Network are compensated directly when they sign up new retail customers or recruit new affiliates.

A unilevel compensation scheme is used to pay retail and recruitment direct commissions. Using a unilevel compensation structure, an affiliate is put at the top of a unilevel team, with every individually recruited affiliate (level 1) directly behind them: As soon as a new affiliate is recruited by a level 1 partner, that affiliate is promoted to level 2 on their unilevel team.

In theory, there are an endless number of layers of affiliates that can be created if affiliates at level 2 recruit affiliates at level 3, and so on. As a percentage of sales volume, direct commissions for retail and affiliate recruiting are paid to those who bring in new customers and recruit new affiliates. Retail and recruitment commissions are paid on up to four unilevel team levels, dependent on the rank of the employee: 20% on the first level (personally recruited affiliates) Levels 2 and 3 (Team Leaders and Managers): 5% and 10%, respectively. 4 has an unspecified percentage (managers only). In this case, HLBS Pool It appears that the HLBS Pool is, if I’m not mistaken, a binary bonus pool presented in a ridiculously convoluted fashion. The official HLBS Pool slide for the HLBS Network is as follows: First, I’ll try to explain the diagram to you in terms of what I think it means.

The affiliate is in the middle. “1 TY” appears on your right. I’m not sure what “TY” means, but the “1” signifies their first affiliate recruited. 1-1 appears to be “1 TY’s” first personal affiliate recruit, which I believe is the case. The “3” on the right of “1-1” represents the third affiliate that was personally recruited. As a result, there is “1-3” (the third TY affiliate recruited by “1 TY”), followed by “2-2” (the second TY affiliate recruited by “2”), and “3-1.” 1-2 (the second individually recruited affiliate), 2-1 (the first “2” recruited), and 4 are on the right side of the page (fourth personally recruited affiliate).

The following is an auto-translation of the slide’s original English text: If you have two active members, you will receive a share of the bronze pool’s turnover every Monday based on your starting package. The system invests 25 percent of each member’s activity and 10 percent of the customer’s purchase value in the HLBS pool. As you advance in depth, you will receive 10%, 15%, or 20% of the total. Each side of the binary team appears to be fully staffed (one position on the left, one on the right). Regardless of whether there is any significance to the second-to-the-left position on the left, that’s where the volume of money is handed out.

Up to 25% of affiliate and 10% of retail customer order volume can be used to calculate payouts. There appears to be more than one level to these percentages. Only the “beginning package” qualifier is mentioned, suggesting that the HLBS Network affiliate’s HLBS Pool rate is determined by the amount they pay when they sign up. HLBS Pool earnings are connected to the amount an affiliate spends when they sign up, which I can confirm is “100, 500, or an endless number of members.” The HLBS Pool is earned by basic-tier affiliates on up to 100 new affiliates they bring on board.

The HLBS Pool is earned by beginner-tier affiliates on up to 500 new affiliates they bring on board. Infinite HLBS Pool earnings are available to affiliates at the professional and business tiers. At least 10% of the newly recruited affiliate volume is placed in the Start Pool by HLBS Network. A HLBS Network affiliate must recruit four other affiliates in a month to be eligible for a share of the Start Pool.

As new affiliates join, the Start Pool shares of the qualifying affiliates increase in proportion to the amount they spend: In order to maximize your commission, sign up as many new members as possible with the most expensive starting package. Payments are made to members of the Start Pool on a monthly basis. Commission for Top Leaders The “Top Leader Commission” is mentioned in the pay plan of HLBS Network.

We don’t know exactly how this commission works, but we do know that the more money an affiliate spends when they sign up, the higher their Top Leader Commission rate will be. Affiliates in the lower tiers are paid 50% of the Top Leader Commissions they earn. Affiliates at the entry level tier receive a 60% commission.

The commission rate for the top leaders Affiliates in the professional category receive a Top Leader Commission rate of 80%. Affiliates in the business tier receive a 100% Top Leader Commission rate. HLBS Network Membership Affiliate membership in the HLBS Network ranges from €150 to €2,500 EUR. The basic package costs €150 EUR.

The beginner will pay €300 EUR. The cost of professional services is €750. €2500 EUR for commercial use. Recruited affiliates receive HLBS Network products, but their earning potential increases in direct proportion to the amount of money they spend. Final Thoughts on the HLBS Network Retail isn’t HLBS Network’s primary priority, as evidenced by the company’s poorly titled items.

How about LH+, CBR7, DPS12, or IS8? They appear to be acronyms of their ingredients, with no consideration given to naming them. Pay-to-play recruitment is at the heart of HLBS Network’s compensation strategy, which lacks retail focus. To begin with, a new affiliate’s income potential is based on how much they spend. An MLM pyramid scheme is based on the idea that if you spend more, you get more. HLBS Network’s pay structure is mostly focused on recruiting new members, but retail commissions are possible.

The best approach to being a successful member is to have at least seven other members. You become a team leader if you bring in seven new members. If you’re a manager or higher, you’re going to need a lot more people. You’ll need to spend at least €100 a month to be eligible for commissions. The majority of commissions are handed out to autoship affiliates who make at least €100 a month. In other words, a standard MLM pyramid scheme is predicated on the sale of a product.

The presentation of HLBS Network’s binary-based compensation scheme has me a little perplexed. According to the firm, the linear solution to the system is revolutionary and unique. Unlike other systems, this one is completely free from conflicts of interest.

The binary-based compensation plan isn’t something new or novel. Everybody knows about them. In order to be “original and revolutionary,” one must present themselves in a way that is extremely difficult to understand. A straight-line compensation plan is not what you’ll find in a binary. HLBS Network has done nothing more than disregard one side of the binary team and limit commissionable volume on the other.

What about using a unilevel team instead of a matching or ratio-based compensation plan? HLBS Network is essentially doing the same thing, but they’re cutting out a lot of volume and stating this is beneficial to affiliates in some way. That is not the case.

I’m not sure why HLBS Network doesn’t publish remuneration information on their website; therefore, I’m unable to comment.HLBS Network’s presence in the United States suggests that one of its motivations may be the concealment of flagrant FTC Act violations.

HLBS Network, on the other hand, does not publish any executive information on their website. The FTC Act may have been violated once more in this instance.

HLBS Network is an MLM firm to avoid because of its wacky product names and recruitment-based pay structure.

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