The OnPassive pyramid scheme is becoming more and more difficult to promote. The most recent webinar, which took place on February 21st, lasted a little under six hours. A typical marketing ploy was used by Ash Mufareh in his webinar.

According to OnPassive’s CEO, threats have also been made against the free press and the US government. In spite of claiming to have a webinar product, which is touted as “the most trustworthy AV conference platform, no less,” there is no such product.

In fact, OnPassive continues to host its corporate webinars using Zoom. What gives? It took Mufareh three hours to show up and instantly reduce expectations by declaring that “the specifics don’t matter.”

In addition, he made a point of exaggerating his modesty. Every government is aware of our expenditures and actions. We’ve reached a point where we may boast and be arrogant.

On the other hand, we have chosen humility. Mufareh’s humility was on full display throughout the webinar. There are only so many years left in my life, so it’s a good idea to plan ahead.

If I passed away before then, in the history of mankind, I would have had the greatest impact. If you have anything that has the potential to fundamentally alter the path of human history, you’re going to attract a lot of attention.

Hundreds of years from now, we’ll be talked about… Hundreds of millions of individuals continue to exist, and I have no idea how long that will last. Humans, on the other hand, have been here for tens of thousands of years.

There was no OnPassive up until now. You can expect the arrival of OnPassive. You can expect a new way of life after following OnPassive. For the past four years, OnPassive has been a simple, matrix-based pyramid scam.

Richard Redfern’s version of the story. When Mufareh threatened unhappy OnPassive members, Redfern focused his attention on him. In the words of Mufareh, slander, blackmail, and other unpleasant activities have been dealt with in an amicable manner.

That’s no longer true. Right now, The threat I’m making isn’t in the form of a threat. We’re in this for the greater good, and we’re here to make a difference. If we were to let a narcissistic slob or a depraved soul go unpunished, it would be a disgrace.

It would be a shame to jeopardize the future of humanity in this way. That’s absurd, and we won’t allow it to happen. It’s important to know the difference between the two in order to navigate life successfully. We’re going to deal with a few people who have crossed the line a little bit. And I’d want to add one more thing: globally, not just in the United States.

Those who are chosen to teach the rest of us a lesson will be dealt a particularly harsh hand. Because we’ll need to teach a lesson. Okay? To be clear, I’m nuts, and I gave permission and authority to spend an enormous amount of money. to seal the deal and push them back even further. Please understand that we are a legitimate business.

This is no joke. Redfern’s omission of Mufareh’s threat to the free press in his mentioned webinar surprised me. It’s fine to poop and do whatever you like. There must be a free press and all that stuff, okay, right? We’ll have to wait and see.

It’s going to be a sour situation. You’re not going to mess with us, are you? ” OnPassive is our name. When people challenge OnPassive, I have no patience for them. Is this a joke? I mean, really. The press mufareh was threatening is unknown to us. He doesn’t go into further detail. It was also interesting to see Mufareh promoting OnPassive’s ties to “rulers” and the United States government during the slogfest of a webinar. We requested the support of high-ranking officials from a variety of countries. It’s vital to our survival. What we’re talking about here is our well-being and the fact that we exist at all.

State-level connections between the Governor’s office and consumer protection were described by Mufareh. Regarding consumer protection, I had supper with one of the states, but I wouldn’t say it was the government. That happened the night before. Finally, they inquired: “How do you accomplish this?” “How do you think of these things?” However, Mufareh went on to indicate that OnPassive is cooperating with high-ranking US government officials, despite professing otherwise. Those who have complaints about OnPassive can approach me directly, as I am well-connected in the company’s higher echelons.

Someone who was at dinner with us last night was going to get a look at it. But I don’t want to reveal their identities in this context. It would be foolish of you to assume that I am making this assertion purely on the basis of my own opinion and experience. Are we clear about this? Do you think it’s doubtful? As if thinking that way is something anyone would do.

There is a problem here that is greater than Congress. Okay? If you’re referring to the Governor, yes. What is the state department’s role in this? Yes. Mufareh is a Florida-based artist. At present, Ron DeSantis is the governor of Florida. The Florida Attorney General’s Office is in charge of overseeing consumer protection laws in the state.

In Mufareh’s view, OnPassive’s critics are the ones who should be concerned. In other words, he has the power to send the US government to hunt down and kill his victims. They’re close pals. They are enthusiastic supporters of our work. They’re blown away by your brilliance. Okay, so their jaws fell. How did you do that? ” “How do you think of these things?” Have I taken any photos? No.

In the near future, Mufareh has set a date for launching an OnPassive advertising campaign. In the next one to six weeks, we will begin a historic global marketing effort. Millions of people will view it. Tens of millions, to be precise. Mufareh has until April 22nd to complete the webinar, which is scheduled for February 21st.

OnPassive CEO Mufareh says he aims to earn $33 million a month with the service. Mufareh is rumored to have received millions of dollars in OnPassive membership fees since its pre-launch last year.

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