This new Meta Bounty Hunters NFT Ponzi may be a derivative of iBuumerang.

What I’ve uncovered following reader suggestions over the last few days You’ll see a slew of iBuumerang affiliates hawking the imminent debut of Meta Bounty Hunters.

Avinash Nagamah and David J. Hunt, both of whom reside in the United Kingdom, are two of the most notable shills for the group.

In Europe, Nagamah represents iBuumerang as the ambassador for travel savings.

Hunt is a Diamond Ambassador for iBuumerang.

In accordance with the policies and procedures of iBuumerang, a prospective customer or an ambassador may not be led to believe that an iBuumerang product or service has any connection to anything other than an iBuumerang product or service, under any circumstances.

The idea that iBuumerang’s executives aren’t aware that they are promoting an external MLM organization is absurd. Aside from Ellev8 branding, iBuumerang distributors are advertising Meta Bounty Hunters as well.

IBuumerang’s FX service, Ellev8, is part of Ellev8.

What does “Ellev8” stand for? Financial literacy and forex trading philosophy are the focus of this educational platform. In the CashFX Group Ponzi scam, Avinash Nagamah believes Ellev8’s “trading outcomes” are comparable to Ellev8’s But enough of it…

Holton Buggs, a seasoned MLMer, is the proud owner of iBuumerang.

Meta Bounty Hunters’ marketing and video presentations make no mention of him. According to Buggs, Nagamah and Hunt appear to be the ones in charge of those duties.

IBuumerang’s iBuumerang and Meta Bounty Hunters are owned by the same person.

There were 20,000 potential investors in Meta Bounty Hunters’ Discord group just a few hours ago.

There are 20,000 members, yet no one is discussing the ownership of the company.

The ownership details of Meta Bounty Hunters have been kept secret.

It’s a pity that they don’t understand us. Holton Buggs is listed as the owner of Meta Bounty Hunters on the Do Nothing blog.

Because of the decentralized nature of blockchain, it is customary for such projects to withhold the identities of their administrators.

It turns out, nevertheless, that Holton Buggs, a well-known network firm executive from iBuumerang, is the genuine admin of Meta Bounty Hunters. And it’s a good thing, too. Ibumerang’s CEO, Avinash Nagamah, is also the public face behind this project’s development and zooms, as well.

He is a well-known MLM figure and a regular speaker at Business For Home, the most popular MLM website. These shards, taken individually, raise several red flags.

When taken as a whole, they provide a strong argument that’s difficult to argue against.

There are a few things to keep in mind about Buggs and Meta Bounty Hunters if he’s the owner or co-owner of the company. Organo Gold distributors were allegedly funneled into the Ormeus Global Ponzi scheme in 2018 by Buggs, who was at the center of the operation.

IBuumerang was launched in 2019 instead of Buggs’ original plan. Using NFTs, Buggs appears to be attempting a second round of crypto fraud. However, what is the purpose of the veil of silence? If iBuumerang could launch Meta Bounty Hunters, why not? The plot of Meta Bounty Hunters revolves around a group of 8888 NFTs, a group of iNtErGaLaCtIc HuNtErs.

With David Hunt, Avinash Nagamah, The males here are middle-aged and uninterested in cartoon space invaders. Meta Bounty Hunters’ fake Star Wars paint is actually a $2000 a pop scam. The total value of the 8888 NFTs sold for $2000 each is $17.7 million. The owners of Meta Bounty Hunters keep 15% of the invested money.

Regardless of what happens next, you’ll get $2.66 million in your bank account. Starting on February 10, there will be a $2000 price tag attached to each Meta Bounty Hunter NFT investment position. Putting Money Into a Meta-Research Project Bounty Hunters NFT provided a weekly return while also generating pyramid commissions. Bounty Hunters is a pyramid/Ponzi hybrid since new investment is the only source of verifiable revenue.

It’s for this reason that Meta Bounty Hunters’ website does not list the company’s owners. Both Mike S. Miller and Travis Bott deserve special mention for their work in this field. The cartoon depicting investment positions in Meta Bounty Hunters is credited to Mike Miller as the artist. Last year, Miller debuted his own NFT line, dubbed “Funky Money Frathouse.” He seems like he’s gone crypto bro. Courts have yet to test the responsibility of artists who are hired by scammers as part of their scams.

On the other hand, Miller may offer investigators information on who paid him and at what point in time. Nobody knows if Miller has any Meta Bounty Hunters NFT investment positions already preloaded on their computer system. I keep hearing Travis Bott’s name mentioned in relation to Meta Bounty Hunters. His secret Twitter account following Meta Bounty Hunters was the clearest sign he was involved in the project.

It, of course, does not rule out Bott’s involvement, but I haven’t focused on that just yet. If Bott is somehow connected to Meta Bounty Hunters, I wouldn’t be shocked. According to the information provided, Bott’s history of investment fraud is extensive. According to Alexa, Meta Bounty Hunters’ website receives most of its traffic from people in the United States (73 percent). Bounty Hunters, Holton Buggs (a US citizen and resident), David J. Hunt, or Avinash Nagamah are not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

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