There is no Craig Grant in Jamaica for the SEC to serve. The regulator is now seeking permission to serve notices via email and publication as an alternative. Grant was sued by the SEC in May 2021. Grant was one of BitConnect’s most prominent promoters, and the regulator wants to recoup more than $1.3 million. Craig Grant fled the United States when he learned that the SEC was suing him.

Because Jamaica is not a signatory to the Hague Convention, the SEC has been unable to enlist the help of Jamaican authorities in this matter. When looking for Grant on their own, a search in Spanish Town turned up a house. Grant’s three initials were a dead end, even though the individual served was of the same age and had the same three initials.

The SEC narrowed Grant’s location to Rock Spring, Trelawny Parish, after resuming its search. the SEC explains; There are still many unpaved roads in Rock Spring, Trelawny, as well as many houses without specific street or house numbers. Grant continues to evade the SEC, despite a process server’s best efforts to canvas Rock Spring.

SEC requested permission to serve Grant electronically and in a newspaper on February 22nd, 2008. Provision of legal services on Grant via email is in keeping with constitutional principles of due process while also expediting the delivery of justice. Service by publication is appropriate in this case, according to the SEC.

Grant is unlikely to be unaware of the lawsuit. A courtesy copy of the Complaint was emailed to Grant by the Commission upon filing the suit, and Grant appears to have left the United States for Jamaica shortly afterward. Even more importantly, this case was widely publicized. When we have referenced a YouTube video, Grant has deleted it quickly in the past. We recently noticed Grant using the Twitter handle “Dulse Poger” for the first time. Grant changed his Twitter handle to “Nibiru” within 24 hours of that article being published: The SEC’s Jamaican process server claims that Grant lives in Jamaica with his wife.

Agent discovered Craig Anthony Grant’s marital status some time between January 14th and January 21st, 2022. Rock Spring, Virginia, was where I learned that Craig Anthony Grant lived with his wife. In my opinion, this information is questionable. Grant married Victoria Misacova in the early 2000s, and I’m aware of it. An online dating service brought Grant and Vicky together.

According to Grant’s account; We were both deeply in love and this was the only way Vicky could come to live with us in Miami, so I decided to marry her. Vicky had heard me talk a lot about who I am in the months leading up to the wedding, and she was well aware that I didn’t believe in marriage. Because of my newfound wealth and plans to travel and party, I told her she wouldn’t be the only woman I had in my life.

Grant and Misacova wed in July of 2000, and they have two children. Grant’s relationship with Vicky, escorts, and other girlfriends became increasingly complicated. Grant’s first encounter with Yuliana Avalos, better known as Julie, was a few years ago.

Grant’s second and third children, a son from Vicky and a daughter from Julie, were born in 2002 and 2003. Vicky and Grant were no longer together as of 2004, when they decided to call it quits. I don’t know if they divorced or not. Grant and Julie have been together ever since. They never got married. Grant fled to Jamaica after abandoning Julie and their son in Florida, as the SEC discovered when they attempted service.

Attempts to serve Grant at his Florida address in early June 2021 were unsuccessful because his former girlfriend at that address informed the Commission that he had moved to Jamaica (at an unknown address). The location of Julie and Grant’s grandmother’s property is well-known to Julie, as she has accompanied Grant there many times. Since he fled, Grant has been uploading voice calls to Julie and posting them to one of his YouTube channels, so we know that Grant and Julie are still together.

Shortly after we reported that Grant was likely to be indicted in the United States, Grant deleted those videos. Grant is on his own unless Julie moves out of the country between December 2021 and now. His grandmother owns the property next door to where he’s staying.

It’s not known if she’s still alive or not. The following are some scenarios that could play out: In other words, Grant married Julie and she has relocated to Jamaica. Government records have been manipulated in such a way that Grant appears to be married when he is not.

The SEC, on the other hand, has requested permission to serve three Jamaican newspapers. The SEC will issue a notice to Grant if the application is approved. The Jamaica Observer and The Gleaner, as well as the International New York Times published it once a week for four consecutive weeks. Each of these publications is widely read in Jamaica, according to the Commission. At the time of publication, no decision had been reached on the SEC’s motion.

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