Biman Das, the owner of FastBNB, issued an update to investors following the company’s collapse a few days ago. Naturally Das’ new update is completely illogical. Das’ update was provided via webinar earlier today and became live earlier today.

Brian Rhodes, a resident of the United States, and another scammer were present on the webinar. Now that Das has stolen millions through FastBNB, he must try to prevent investors from going to the authorities with their concerns. Dato’s reassurance to investors that he “stands strong on my part and I am driven to create my community” was the start of his report.

The smart-contract collapse of FastBNB has been “halted for a certain amount of time,” according to Das. “It’s merely a pause in order to focus on our personal development [sic]. We are unwavering in our resolve. We’ve improved our fortitude. Motivated progress is being made by our organization. There were some technical difficulties, but these have been resolved… The so-called “smart-contract” has been put on hold for the time being. And we’re running it by our team right now. Our smart-contract has been updated and we are now ready to begin a new trip.”

No action has been taken to block FastBNB’s smart-contract. It had been completely depleted. On BSC Scan, you may verify this for yourself. Biman does address the contract being drained, but he does so with more crypto bro gibberish in his attempt to explain the situation. Who knows what happened to the smart-contract balance.

BNB duration should be reduced first. Due to the lower transaction volume caused by higher gas prices, less liquidity is generated. Reduced BNB production equals decreased dividend and seed income payments. So, FastBNB withdrawals outpaced fresh investments in the company.

The “glitches” Biman claimed to have repaired were so vague that it took me by surprise. Of course, they’re illogical as well. Biman alleges that investors in FastBNB were charged hefty petrol prices while withdrawing money. BSC gas prices are actually down by 65% year over year, as you can see for yourself: There is no “new trip” with the current contract, no matter how many problems there are. It’s been scribbled on.

To avoid addressing the failure of FastBNB, Biman is saying he intends to relaunch the Ponzi scheme with a new smart contract. FastBNB’s new smart-contract won’t be live until “a certain period of time” has passed, according to Biman. “By next week,” says Biman, the Ponzi scheme will be “back.” There’s no logic to any of this.

The deployment of smart contracts is as simple as pressing a button. Biman claims to have fixed FastBNB’s issues once again, whether or not they are real. Uh… why the holdup? It doesn’t matter what happens, FastBNB’s affiliates are in the doghouse. If there is no reboot, millions of dollars in losses will be incurred.

Alternatively, Biman can start over with fresh finances, but any money he puts into the new contract will be swiftly depleted, causing FastBNB to go under once more. When it comes time to wrap up his report, Biman goes on and on about “liquidity suppliers.”

Due to the fact that you know, a Ponzi scheme is a great way to get rid of bitcoin. Many FastBNB affiliates are thought to be located in the United States and India. Stay tuned for any FastBNB changes throughout the next week…

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