Success Factory’s upcoming launch in the United States has been leaked.

We know the following: We got the information for this post from Kevin Mullens’ “Success Factory USA” promotional materials.

Fortune Hi-Tech Marketing appears to have been Mullens’ first MLM company. There, Mullens had the opportunity to meet Trey Knight for the first time.

In 2013, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) shut down FTHM, stating that it was a pyramid scheme.

Then, with the success of FTHM, Mullens moved on to promote Zija instead. In 2019, Mullens was still pushing Zija.

He will join Trey Knight and his new CBD company, Navan Global, in late 2020.

Navan Global came to an end after Knight was indicted for wire fraud in the middle of 2021.

After that, Mullens is said to have joined DagCoin. To keep his involvement in the Ponzi scam under wraps, Mullens has remained silent about it until the debut of Success Factory USA.

According to our Success Factory USA promotional material;

Kevin is acquainted with the CEO of the company’s Alpharetta, Georgia, US headquarters.

The company is based in Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands. At this point, Kevin is an independent consultant. In 180 nations now, but never in the United States.

Success Factory in the Netherlands is led by former OneCoin high earner Igor Alberts (shown, right).

Success Factory USA’s CEO, who is probably situated in the United States, has yet to be identified.

Last year, Dagcoin allegedly raised $270 million in financing through Success Factory. In 2020, this figure will rise to $220 million.

USA is now under Pre-launch in February. Hard launch in March in the United States.

“Kevin called me two days before the pre-launch in the United States with only 25 persons in the system.”

Success Factory is enticing Americans with the promise of three compensation positions.

To become an Affiliate, you pay $50, and you pay $79 a month for one Business Center.

Affiliates pay $125 to join, $79 each month, for three business centers.

A Referral Code is required to join the service.

There are a lot of advantages to having three revenue streams instead of just one if they have experience in MLM and are interested in building a team.

This also binds them to the business when it goes live in March with its hard launch.

They have agreed to pay $125 rather than $50. One income center’s affiliate fee is $50. Three Income Centers cost $125.

It’s obvious that Success Factory is running a pyramid scheme because of this.

“Success Center” The marketing in the United States largely relies on BusinessForHome’s AAA+ rating of the Ponzi scheme.

‘The high certainty that the net advantage the business opportunity gives is large for a distributor’ is why Business For Home has given Success Factory a AAA+ rating, the highest possible rating.

For us, this shows that we’re on the right route to achieve one of our most lofty goals, which is to become a top-10 direct-selling company worldwide.

Ted Nuyten is the CEO of BusinessForHome. The Ponzi schemes of Igor Alberts have been a favorite of Nuyten’s for a long time.

Nuyten was also featured in OneCoin promotions as part of BusinessForHome’s business strategy in the past.

Ruja Ignatova, the creator of BusinessForHome, mysteriously vanished in late 2017.

In essence, the OneCoin/OneLife coverage of BusinessForHome…

DagCoin and Success Factory took their position.

As far as we know, Ted Nuyten and OneCoin have no formal business partnership with any of the aforementioned companies or individuals.

Nuyten’s compensation for promoting OneCoin and DagCoin is likewise unknown.

In the United States, a number of top OneCoin officials have been indicted on criminal charges. Their punishment is pending, either because they were convicted or because they pleaded guilty.

Igor Alberts and Ted Nuyten, two of OneCoin’s most prominent net-winners and business partners, have not been prosecuted.

The fact that DagCoin is actively seeking investment from US individuals while OneCoin’s sentencing dates are still pending is an interesting development, even though neither would set foot in the country to promote DagCoin.

During this weekend’s Dagcoin event in Dubai, it is believed that Success Factory USA would be revealed.

We’ll keep you updated on DagCoin’s Success Factory Ponzi’s development into the United States.

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