The website of DeFinity FI Academy provides no information about the company’s owners or managers. Actually, the website for DeFinity FI Academy has been locked behind a form: On October 6th, 2021, a private registration was made for the domain name “” for the DeFinity FI Academy’s website.

Toan Nguyen and Wayne Marcel, better known as “Blockchain Wayne,” appear in official DeFinity FI Academy marketing videos. Nguyen refers to himself as the “lead consultant” for DeFinity FI Academy. Marcel is referred to as the “head educator” at his company. Legal Shield appears to have introduced Toan and Van to MLM over a decade ago. Wor(l)d Global Network (2017), ByDzyne (2019), and BioReigns (2020) all came after Nerium (2015). (also 2019).

In October 2020, BioReigns’ marketing campaign appears to have ended. As far as we can tell, Nguyen’s journey as a crypto bro began in the middle of 2018. He began promoting “yield farm” Ponzi schemes six months ago, after promoting “PIG” or “Passive Income Group” shitcoins. In October 2021, BNBBusiness, the first MLM crypto Ponzi scheme, arose as a result of this. There is an MLM crypto Ponzi called Meta Bounty Hunters being pushed by Nguyen as of yesterday. The co-founder of Crypto Experience is Wayne Mancel (pictured).

The Crypto Experience is a Florida-based annual event for crypto enthusiasts. Don’t join or hand over any money to an MLM company unless they are completely transparent about who owns and runs it. Products of DeFinity FI Academy They promote a training and education platform in their video presentations. DeFinity FI Academy’s website does not provide information about the platform.

BNB matrix position purchases include “Reward Tokens,” which give users access to the platform. Buy in at the $30 BNB tier and get 10 Reward Tokens Buy in at the $50 BNB tier and get 25 Reward Tokens Buy in at the $120 BNB tier and get 50 Reward Tokens Buy in at the $200 BNB tier and get 100 Reward Tokens Buy in at the $300 BNB tier and get 180 Reward Tokens at the $400 tier, you’ll get 250 Reward Tokens; at the $700 tier, you’ll get 450 Reward Tokens; at the $1000 tier, you’ll get 650 Reward Tokens; at the $1200 tier, you’ll get 800 Reward Tokens; at the $2500 tier, you’ll get 1700. A promotional video for DeFinity FI Academy states that their platform is designed for students. to connect you with a network of professionals who can provide you with simple-to-understand training on how to find work and make money. FI Academy Compensation Plan of DeFinity Affiliates of DeFinity FI Academy purchase BNB matrix positions. Each of these positions is associated with one of the twelve tiers of the matrix: $30 in a B&B BNB charges a fee of $50 per transaction. B&B for $120 BNB charges $200 per night. BNB charges $300 for a one-night stay. B&B accommodation costs $400. $750 for a B&B stay $1000 for a B&B $1200 for a B&B B&B accommodation for $1500 A B&B for two nights costs $2,000.

In BNB, I invested $2500. You can buy individual tiers or all of them at a cost of 10,000 BNB each. Affiliates of the DeFinity FI Academy are ranked. DeFinity FI Academy’s compensation plan has eleven affiliate ranks. The following are the requirements for each of them: Sign up for DeFinity FI Academy as an affiliate and invest in the first tier of the BNB matrix Achieve $5000 in BNB buy-in volume across your unilevel team’s first and second tiers. Your unilevel team must generate $50,000 in BNB buy-in volume on the first and second levels. Gold – your unilevel team must buy in $250,000 in BNB volume at levels 1 and 2. This level requires that you generate $500,000 in BNB buy-in volume for your unilevel team. Ruby – generate $800,000 in BNB buy-in volume across your unilevel team’s levels 1 and 2 At least $1,000,000 worth of BNB purchases must be made by members of your unilevel team in order for you to reach Emerald status. Create $2,000,000 in BNB buy-in volume on your unilevel team’s first and second tier. Make your unilevel team’s first and second levels a total of $3,000,000 in BNB buy-ins.

Your unilevel team must generate $4,000,000 worth of BNB buy-in volume on levels 1 and 2 to qualify for the Triple Diamond status. Levels 1 and 2 of your unilevel team must collectively generate $5,000,000 in BNB buy-in volume to earn the title of Crown Diamond. The amount of money needed to buy in is cumulative. Members of a unilevel team are classified as either affiliates (level 1) or recruiters (level 2). (level 2). Contingent Payouts Shares in DeFinity FI Academy generate passive income. A portion of the revenue generated by the “DeFinity Fi Profit Program,” according to the DeFinity FI Academy, is tied to the shares. There are no further specifics. Affiliates of the DeFinity FI Academy receive shares through the Share Bonus and the Rank Achievement Bonus, respectively (details below).

Recruitment commissions for reward tokens Affiliates of the DeFinity FI Academy earn Reward Tokens by persuading others to invest in DeFinity. convincing a person to pay $30 and get five reward tokens convincing a person to pay $50 and get ten reward tokens convincing a person to pay $120 and get thirty reward tokens convincing a person to pay $200 and get fifty reward token and convincing a person to pay $300 and get seventy-five reward token convince someone to buy in at the $400 tier and receive 100 Reward Tokens, convince someone to buy in at the $700 tier and receive 150 Reward Tokens, and so on. Access to DeFinity FI Academy’s educational platform is granted by using Reward Tokens.

Compensation for Staffing Firms Affiliates of the DeFinity FI Academy receive regular commissions on BNB purchases made by personally recruited affiliates in addition to Reward Tokens. 10% of the BNB invested in your first three recruits is yours to keep. From your fourth recruit onward, 15% of the BNB invested is paid out. Recurring Payments Affiliates of the DeFinity FI Academy are compensated on a 312 matrix for residual commissions earned on each tier. Affiliates in a 3×12 matrix have three positions directly below them at the top of the matrix. In this first level, there are three positions. After dividing these first three positions in half, the matrix’s second level is formed. Three times as many commissions can be found on each new level from levels three to twelve of the matrix.

In order to gain access to higher levels of the matrix, DeFinity FI Academy affiliates must recruit new students. In order to earn on tiers 1 to 2, you only need to recruit one affiliate. To unlock tiers 3 and 4, you only need to recruit two affiliates. In order to access tiers 5, 6, and 7, you only need to recruit three affiliates. Finally, in order to gain access to all of tier 12, you only need to recruit five affiliates. Members who are recruited and purchase at the same or higher tier as the one being unlocked are included. Levels 3 and 4 of the $700 in BNB tier can be unlocked by recruiting someone who joins at the $700 in BNB level. In addition, it would unlock matrix levels 3 and 4 for all the tiers below it…

Residual commissions are paid as 5% of each BNB buy in across all twelve BNB tiers, with the above-level unlock qualification in mind… Extraordinary Bonuses A new position is created in any tier matrix after the first five levels have been filled. In the affiliate’s current tier matrix, this position generates its own commission. Token Rewards are paid out for each new matrix position that is created. Each tier of the Super Matrix Bonus appears to have no limit on the number of bonus positions that can be created. Bonuses can be shared with others.

Affiliates of DeFinity FI Academy are rewarded with DeFinity FI Academy stock when they bring in four new members at each tier. When an affiliate creates a new matrix tier position, they are also entitled to a share of the profits. If four affiliates or a Super Matrix Bonus position is created, the number of shares received is based on the tier in which they were placed. Tier 1 is equal to one share of a company. Tier 2 shares are worth $2,000. tiers 3 – 4 share Tiers 4–7 share the same number of spots. Tiers 5 to 10 are split evenly. Tier 6 – 14 shares A tier of 7 to 24 shares Tiers 8 to 34 are allotted to the same number of players. 9 – 40 tier shares Tier of 10–50 shares 11% to 67% of the company’s stock 12 – 84 people have taken part in this discussion. DeFinity Fi Profit Program (see “Passive Returns” above) appears to be reflected in the shares. For the top 10 recruiters at DeFinity FI Academy, a monthly Recruitment Bonus is given to the company’s top 10 recruiters.

There are no details about the bonus. Bonuses for Global Leadership A Leadership Global Bonus is awarded to affiliates who have earned the rank of Diamond, Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, or Crown Diamond. The Leadership Global Bonus is made up of four bonus pools based on a person’s position in the organization. It’s unclear what’s going on here. Gaining Experience Points Each month, an unspecified number of bonus shares are awarded to DeFinity FI Academy affiliates who have achieved the rank of Diamond or higher. See “Passive Returns” above for more information on the DeFinity Fi Profit Program.

The cost of basic DeFinity FI Academy affiliate membership is a gas fee that is not stated. Token transaction fees are known as “gas fees.” An investment of $30 to $2500 BNB is required to join the DeFinity FI Academy MLM opportunity DeFinity FI Academy’s MLM opportunity costs $10,000 in BNB for full participation. Additionally, affiliates of DeFinity FI Academy are given the option to buy into tiers by forfeiting four personal referral commissions on each tier. Final Verdict on the DeFinity FI Academy. Toan Nguyen has learned the hard way after investing in a slew of dubious crypto schemes and losing a significant amount of money. That’s how DeFinity FI Academy was born. Nguyen claims to be a “lead consultant” in the company.

It’s unclear if he’s in charge of DeFinity FI Academy, and if not, then who is. Another MLM crypto Ponzi disguised as an educational platform, I can tell you that it is. It’s been going on for a long time now. OneCoin, one of the most notorious Ponzi schemes, was launched in 2014. Education at DeFinity FI Academy appears to be the work of Wayne Marcel and several other individuals you’ve never heard of. DeFinity FI Academy claims to offer retail access, but a quick look at their website reveals this to be a sham. As far as retail is concerned, DeFinity FI Academy is only a “pseudo-compliance” program.

As a result of Nguyen’s experience in multilevel marketing, Ponzi schemes and pyramid schemes are both familiar terms to him. As a result, we are left with meaningless educational offerings. We have this ridiculous disclaimer in an attempt to legitimize the DeFinity FI Academy Ponzi scheme: Trades are a source of revenue for DeFinity FI Academy, according to their claims.

There is no evidence that trading profits are used to pay dividends. More importantly, the passive returns of DeFinity FI Academy are an offering of securities. DeFinity FI Academy, Toan Nguyen, or Wayne Marcel are not SEC-registered individuals or companies.

It is clear that DeFinity FI Academy is guilty of securities fraud at the very least because of this. FI Academy’s other compensation plan is a pyramid scheme, as is the rest of DeFinity’s. As previously stated, retail sales of BNB positions in DeFinity FI Academy are a joke.

DeFinity FI Academy’s securities fraud would remain unaffected. DeFinity FI Academy’s only source of verifiable revenue is new investment. DeFinity FI Academy is a Ponzi scheme because it uses new investment to pay daily returns. DeFinity FI Academy is a pyramid scheme because it pays commissions to recruit new members even though there are no significant retail sales.

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, new revenue will cease to be generated once recruitment is no longer possible. DeFinity FI Academy will eventually collapse due to a lack of ROI revenue as a result of this. The mathematics of Ponzi schemes ensures that the majority of participants lose money when they collapse.

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