On Batman’s website, there is no mention of who owns or manages the company. The .LI registrar. protects Batman’s website domain registration information. Bat-website is set to Russian by default. In addition to Russian and English, there are no other native languages available.

Following Russia and Ukraine are Algeria and Algerian traffic, respectively, on Batman’s website according to Alexa’s current rankings (5 percent ). The Bank of Russia warned Batman about pyramid schemes on February 4th. On vKontakte, Batman also has an official account.

vKontakte is Russia’s most popular social media platform. All of this leads to the Russians being the people in charge of Batman’s operations. The Ukraine is also a possible destination. Remember to consider twice before joining or transferring any funds to an MLM that isn’t completely transparent about who runs or owns it.

Batman Branded Goods There are no products or services that Batman can sell. Only the Batman affiliate membership can be promoted by affiliates. Plan of Reward for Batman On the prospect of advertised rewards, Batman affiliates invest their money. You can get 122.4 percent after just six hours of investment if you put in $1 to $499. Six hours after making an investment of $500 to $4999, you’ll collect 136.8% of your original investment. Six hours after investing $5000 to $50,000, you can expect to see a ROI of 201.66%. Affiliate investors are rewarded for bringing in new customers through Batman’s MLM program. Affiliates of Batman are ranked. The Batman compensation plan has four levels. They are as follows, along with their respective qualifications: You can sign up as a Batman affiliate if you haven’t made more than $100, or if you have at least $100 to $1000 in your bank account. In order to be considered a boss, Batman must have earned at least $5000 in commissions and returns. There are three tiers of referral compensation offered by Batman (called “unilevel” in the industry). Referral commission rates are determined by Batman’s rank: Personal-recruited affiliates earn students 5% on level one, 2% on level two, and 1% on level three Level 1 clerks earn 6%, level 2 clerks 3%, and level 3 clerks 2%. 7% on level 1, 4% on level 2, and 3% on level 3 are the percentages earned by businessmen. Level 1 bosses earn 10%, level 2 bosses earn 5%, and level 3 bosses earn 4%. Return on Investment (ROI) Bonuses The higher an affiliate’s rank, the higher their bonus ROI percentage will be. Clerks are given a 1% incentive for their work. Entrepreneurs get a 3% incentive on their return on investment (ROI). An additional 5% incentive is paid to bosses. It is completely free to join the Batman Batman affiliate program.

A one-time commitment of $1 is all that’s needed to get started earning money from the attached opportunity. Investments in the US dollar, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum and tether are being sought by Batman The Dark Knight Rises Batman… Uh, what? Batman claims to be a “one-of-a-kind dollar business game” that promises a “great ROI!” In truth, it’s a standard multi-level marketing (MLM) pyramid scheme.

The flagrant use of Batman IP theft to promote its swindle is what makes Batman novel. As a result, the Batman creators haven’t gone to the trouble of concocting an elaborate fictional backstory for the superhero. Because, well, y’know, whatever, the Batman Ponzi scam is portrayed just like it is.

Assuming the criminals behind Batman are in Russia, DC Comics won’t be able to catch them. It probably wouldn’t be worth their time to take any action, given that Batman offers 201.6 percent every six hours. When compounded, Batman’s ROI obligation is over 800 percent a day. The good times are over. Affiliate recruitment and new investment will dry up, as they do in every MLM Ponzi operation.

This will eventually lead to Batman’s demise as a result of a lack of ROI revenue. Ponzi schemes are mathematically preordained to leave the vast majority of investors with nothing when they go down.

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