StakeBNB does not reveal who owns or runs the company on its website. The domain name “” for StakeBNB’s website was first registered in June of 2021.

On November 23rd, 2021, the private registration database was last updated. Early in January 2022, StakeBNB’s website saw an increase in visitors. Currently, Alexa ranks Togo as the only significant source of traffic (30 percent ). Remember to think twice before joining or transferring any funds to an MLM that isn’t completely transparent about who runs or owns it.

The Products of StakeBNB StakeBNB does not offer any products or services that can be sold to the general public. Only the StakeBNB affiliate membership can be promoted by affiliates. Payout Schemes for StakeBNB’s Employees On the promise of a daily return of up to 1.25 percent, StakeBNB affiliates invest in binance coin (BNB).

Investing in BNB is divided into ten levels by StakeBNB: To put it another way: BNB = 0.025 BNB 0.5% of the BNB a single B&B 2 and a half BNB The five-star BNB ten british pounds BNB is worth 25 BNB. It costs 100 BNB to buy 50 BNB. The maximum return on investment offered by StakeBNB is 200%. Affiliates of StakeBNB can also pay a fee to get a faster return on their investment.

StakeBNB’s MLM side is based on the funds invested by affiliates who have been recruited. StakeBNB pays referral commissions in the form of a single level of compensation. When an affiliate recruits new members, they are placed at the top of their unilevel team (level 1), and each new member is placed directly under them.

Members of the unilevel team who are recruited by affiliates at the level of the original are automatically promoted to the next available position. In theory, there could be an infinite number of levels of affiliates if any level 2 affiliates recruit new affiliates. StakeBNB limits the number of team levels that can be paid out to five. Five levels of referral commissions are paid out based on the amount of money invested at each level. Level 1 (personally recruited affiliates): 5%; Level 2: 3%; Level 3: 2%; Level 4: 1%; Level 5: 0.5% Commissions for Withdrawal StakeBNB uses the same five-level team unilevel sturcutre referral commission payment system to pay withdrawal commissions.

First through third are 1 percent, and fourth and fifth are 0.5 percent. The percentage of withdrawals made by unilevel team affiliates is used to calculate withdrawal commissions. Boost for the Farm The Farm Boost receives a quarter of all StakeBNB invested funds. Every week, a portion of the Farm Boost is given to affiliates who meet the requirements. Affiliates must have at least 10 BNB invested in order to receive the Farm Bonus. A return on investment boost must have been paid for (fee not disclosed). As a StakeBNB member, Affiliate membership in StakeBNB is free. An active investment of 0.1 to 100 BNB is required for full participation in the attached income opportunity.

Final Thoughts on StakeBNB. StakeBNB asserts that it makes money via a hourly farming rewards on staked BNB assets using a sophisticated algorithmic system A Ponzi scheme, in the language of the crypto bros. The fact that StakeBNB has failed to provide any evidence of external revenue generation supports this…

Adding to all of this is the fact that StakeBNB is operated by anonymous scammers, and there is also securities fraud. However, despite clearly advertising a passive investment opportunity, StakeBNB is unable to provide any evidence that it has been registered with financial regulators in any jurisdiction. StakeBNB’s only source of revenue is new investment, which cannot be independently verified.

StakeBNB is a Ponzi scheme because it uses new money to pay affiliates a 200 percent ROI. As in all MLM Ponzi schemes, new investment will cease when the number of new affiliates declines. As a result, StakeBNB will experience a decline in ROI revenue and eventually go out of business. As a result of Ponzi scheme math, most participants lose money when they collapse.

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